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Managing Director of Webmark Estates Services, Olapeace Ogunfile, has reiterated the need for Nigerians to work hard and display a sense of integrity, in all they do, adding that those virtues pay.

Ogunfile, who spoke recently at the award ceremony of some outstanding staff, noted that quick money and cutting corners do not last.

This is even as he lamented the high rate of property theft, especially in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.

“To succeed you must build a niche for yourself anchored on self and financial discipline and integrity.

“You cannot succeed in business by cutting corners. You could get away with it for a while but when you are caught, nobody will help you. Your reputation will be damaged. Integrity is key,” he said.

Meanwhile, Maniki Jubril, Chairman of the occasion, reiterated the need for business owners to be self-disciplined, adding that lack of self-control contributes to the crashing of businesses.

He said: “As I said, some businesses fail to go beyond the gestation period and this is usually between the first and the third year.

“So, if you are able to get to the fifth year of your business operations and you are standing on your feet it is worthy of celebrating and it is an indication that you are doing the right thing and you are moving in the right direction.

“You cannot do away from self-discipline. Businesses are going through hard times and margins are reduced because people’s purchasing power is low.

“So, the little that you get, if you are not careful you will dip your hands in your capital. You have to remain afloat by ensuring that you live within your margin which can only come through by self-discipline.

In addition, Programme Coordinator, Webmark Empowerment Foundation, Alukwe Ugochinyere, assured Nigerians that the group would continue to give back to society, especially in the areas of education and healthcare.

Ugochinyere explained that the award was to boost the morale of those who have distinguished themselves over time.

She said: “We looked at outstanding performance, excellent performance and those who are always there for us when we call.

“The event was put together by a select few. They took out their time and put their resources together. You can see how passionate they are.”

She added: “We are working on so many things right now. But the next one we are going to roll out is in line with education. We want to get out-of-school children back to school, helping the health sector by creating awareness of various diseases.

“The Federal Government is assisting us on the background in the sense that they have given us the go-ahead.”

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