By Lukman Olabiyi

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, yesterday, visited the scene of the protest staged by Magodo residents over the planned takeover and demolition of their properties.

The estate management had ordered a closure of the estate gates in protest against the planned demolition of property in the estate.

Some weeks ago, police officers  allegedly led some acclaimed landowners in the area to invade the estate, in order to claim possession of the property.

During the invasion, the group used red, brown and blue inks to inscribe ‘ID/795/88 Possession Taken Today 21/12/21 by Court Order,’ on various properties in the estate.

However, yesterday, some protesting residents brandished placards with different inscriptions, some of which called the attention of Governor Sanwo-Olu to the presence of the policemen in the estate.

In a  swift reaction, the governor visited the scene of the protest, and called for peace, just as he pointed out that there would be a meeting between all concerned parties at his office today (Wednesday).

He also revealed that he had spoken with the Inspector-General of Police Mr. Akali Baba, on the issue which he believed would  be resolved soon.

He said: “My great residents of Magodo, I bring you good tidings. The chairman of the residents association, the Attorney General, other cabinet members and also the Assistant Inspector-General of Police are here.

“It’s difficult to start the New Year like this. It’s because of the importance of seeing to all of the information and lack of proper information that I had to take up this assignment myself.

“When the first incident happened about two weeks ago, I indeed intervened and If you remember very well, the action was immediately halted and there was no incident again.

“Throughout the festive period, we started communication.

“One of the things that we need to first understand is that the residents, the people that went to court and the police themselves are my subjects.

“So, I have the responsibility to ensure that fairness and equity are entrenched.

“The people that went to court have Supreme Court judgment while the residents living there(Magodo) have proper title and the means to live there.

“So, in the car, I had spoken extensively with the Inspector-General of Police and the Attorney General and we’ve resolved all of the issues”.

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