October 16, 2021


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I’ve never been ‘scoped’ for sex –Ugoccie, singer

By Christian Agadibe

Favour Ugochi Anosike aka Ugoccie is a fast rising artiste. Her latest song, Do You Really Like Me, is a sort of national anthem with many fans including celebrities mimicking the tune.

The Abia State-born singer in this interview vows never to relent until she becomes one of the top five female artistes in Nigeria. Here are excerpts:

Tell us about yourself

My name is Favour Ugochi Anosike, a sister to three siblings. I was born on March 6, 1997. I hail from Akoli-Imenyi village in Bende LGA of Abia State. I love to sing, dance and travel.

At what age did you start music?

I started music professionally in 2019. I was 21 then, but I have always been singing since I was a kid.

You are the rave of the moment in the south east, what inspires your kind of music?

My environment inspires me. It could be people fighting or arguing, or loving up or just passing by; and boom, I have a song.

What are your challenges as an up and coming artiste?

As an up and coming artiste, the challenge is always money to push out your music or content. It’s always finance.

What steps are you taking to reach your goal as an artiste?

I intend to put out more content and release an EP this year. I also want to have collaborations with some artistes, and keep doing my best.

Which artiste would you say influenced your career?

The artiste that influenced my music the most is Phyno. He made me delve into rap.

How would you describe your type of music?

My music is a blend of Afro, rap and indigenous. My culture is who I am, and I want to always bring culture into my music.

Did you ever think you would make impact with your music?

I never thought my latest song; Do You Really Like Me would go viral and become an anthem. Honestly, I just put it out and hoped for the best, and I am grateful to God for that. It’s a dream come through.

What are your goals for the next five years?

In five years, I want to have massive bodies of work out there. I want to establish my place in the music scene. And when people talk about the top five, influential female artistes in Nigeria, I want to be among them.

How do you cope with friends and family members who never believed in your vision?

My friends and family members have never had an issue with my music. They have always supported me.

According to one of your songs, has any man ‘scoped’ you for sex?

I have never been ‘scoped’ for sex because I understand the level. You can’t ‘scope’ a ‘scope’.

What’s the story behind Do You Really Like Me?

The story behind Do You Really Like Me is a funny one. The guy involved is someone who loves to toy with girls, he lied to me that he loved me. I composed the song for him jokingly.

Are you single and searching?

I will reserve my comment on this particular question.

Who is the lucky guy in your life?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth (laughter).

What is your ideal man?

I am short so my kind of man should be taller than me. I want a man that vibes with me, and understands me. That’s all. For me, understanding is key.

What is your sex life like or are you still a virgin?

Only God knows about my sex life… only God knows if I am a virgin.

How do you handle your male admirers?

I love my fans a lot. My admirers keep increasing. If you want to get my attention, please send money.

What is your unique selling point?

My unique selling point is the way I infuse Igbo into my music.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

I don’t have a celebrity crush.

What is the positive context or message in your music?

The message in my music is for ladies to be vocal enough to ask for what they want in a relationship. Most men don’t love you; they just want to sleep with you. So, the question is a reality.

Apart from music, what other things do you do?

I am a voice-over artiste, a radio girl and a teacher.

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