October 16, 2021


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Jazz up in black

By Cynthia Oyinatumba

Ever heard of the popular saying, ‘black is beautiful’? Well, you would think this applies to just race but have you tried stepping out in an all black dress? It makes a strong blend of classy, simple, elegant, confident and strong at the same time.

A black dress can be worn in any form, whether long or short, long arms, short sleeves or even a sleeveless dress! And the most amazing thing about a black dress is how very flexible it is; you could wear it with any colour of shoes, bags and even jewellery! Saving yourself the stress of looking for colours of accessories to match your outfit.

Black dresses have no limit as they are not left out in even wedding ceremonies. In our world where everything is changing and people are taking a ride out of the world of conventional fashion, many brides opt for black dresses, a deviation from the normal  white colour but these brides still look all shades of amazing!  I bet you, the groom wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off his lady in black. 

Work is not an exemption as well; you could rock your beautiful, simple black dress to work. Going to church, you could wear your well covered black dress with heels or your flat shoes, a scarf or better still, a fascinator and still look elegant! .

   Black dresses are taking over the fashion world at red carpet and corporate events, parties, everywhere you go and every corner you look, there’s a beautiful lady in black and it would be an absolute fashion blunder if you as a lady don’t possess a little black dress in your collection.

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