Jesus and the “Great Mix”

 The Gregorian calendar in use in most parts of the world takes its bearing from the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Ralph Egbu

The human society is a unique one. So many things make it tick and interesting. You have the myths and symbols without which most societies would not be what they are and this is without regard to race. I recall a recent encounter with a returnee relation who told me he had no patience for some of the ceremonies, structures and requirements of the local society and his suggestion was that the modern people could do two things to tradition: either discard or bypass them, some of the time. He made his pre-suppositions obviously with a clear mind and good intention, yet the truth is that societies run on set beliefs; these are the pillars on which societies are built.

‘Why I want to give back to society’

They are to the old societies what the modern constitution is to a democratic country. The same way times and seasons have their spiritual essences in the efficient working of the societies and the lives of the individuals. It is those who have the understanding of a particular season who make the most out of it. In fact economists have found a good strategy and that is why you hear them often say “this is the best time to invest” or “this is the best place to invest”. This disposition is a product of the understanding of what times and seasons mean and what they carry.

Two days from now our country with a large population of Christians would be joining the rest of the Christian world to celebrate one of the biggest festivals in Christianity, the Christmas. The irony of the whole situation which I also highlighted in a similar commemorative piece this time last year would be that many of us would act religious men and women by celebrating an event, the meaning and essence they do not quite understand. Many equate the season with reveling, intensified immorality and unhealthy show off of material attainment, when in fact it should be about the mystery of creating a new order and a systematic but sustainable strategy for dealing fatal blow to a decadent system.

In last year’s piece the focus was on the misconceptions and mistakes associated with celebrating a Christmas ceremony, so I won’t dwell on that aspect in this piece. We did rather unravel the mystery and its usefulness in reordering our society that is steadily being worked into a failed state. In the spiritual sense, and this should interest us because man is both spiritual and physical, Christmas is not a celebration. It is a revelation, a joker card, a process that is divinely ordained for reversing negative situations and circumstances. It is a vivid acknowledgement that to solve any problem man would require a higher force and circumstance than the ones that created the problem or challenge.

From the Christian account, what was a good world suddenly became bad because of the acts of men. Men despised God and His manual for good living and embraced his own wisdom and ways. The consequences we are told were calamitous. Governments were in place but had no hold on the people and society; it was a situation of every man to himself and God for all. In those times great wickedness was the vogue, men killed each other and ate them for food, money failed and there was great famine most of the time. Human beings lost dignity. When all hopes were lost, vulnerability forced man to do a rethink and the rebellious man began to look back to God his source for salvation and that is the genesis of the introduction of the Christ factor into human affairs

Christ was pure and ordinarily should have nothing to do with impurity, this is man’s thinking. Those who know are aware that the supernatural is superior and has capacity to reshape events in the natural when it becomes necessary to do so, and it was the reason to purify the impure world that necessitated the introduction of the Christ factor. The truth is that since Christ came and went through the due process, the world has never been the same again. Today there are several billions of human beings who subscribe to the Christian faith and the other faiths are not complete without a mention of Jesus Christ. The world is said to have a population of 7.1 billion, over 4 billion of this earn their living from activities surrounding the Christ personality. World events are not complete without reference to Christ one way or the other.

The Gregorian calendar in use in most parts of the world takes its bearing from the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ didn’t go to school yet the quantum of wisdom He left behind is still a subject of intense scholarship across the globe and yet not much ground has been covered. This is impact, a mystery, and pathway for individual excellence and strategy for doing away with old decadent order. The example of Christ has plenty lessons for us especially in Nigeria and Africa. A careful look into our countries would show we have similar conditions in existence before the introduction the Christ factor. Governments are failing, insecurity is high and the human life cheap, there is hunger and starvation, money and various economic policies have failed, men are wondering when the true sons of God would manifest and enthrone the reign of the righteous.

Mind you, there is life after Christmas

The time is now and that is the biggest message of Christmas. Good men run away from politics on account that it is dirty and rough, the truth is all that is needed for evil to thrive is for good men to choose to do nothing. This tactics is wrong; what is right is what Christ has shown. Dirty environments require clean people to clean it up, only a man who can see can lead. You must carry value to impart value. Satan has no wisdom, which was the first thing taken away from him; he has crafty devices resting on pillars of deception and corruption of the real. So when we allow occult men and women to take over we ought to know the consequences would be to steal, kill and destroy after the order of their father, Satan. The message of Christmas therefore is let the good and godly men and women step out and establish dominion, the introduction of Christ has made them kings and princes to reign even on earth.

Merry Christmas to all my fans!!

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