From Noah Ebije, Kaduna

Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has vowed to appoint Administrators to run the affairs of the two local government areas in the state if by next Saturday elections fail to hold in those areas.

The two Local Governments of Birnin Gwari and Zangon Kataf will be having their own Local Government elections after previous postponements for security reasons.

In his remarks after receiving the third quarter security report from the ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, governor El-rufai said it was in the interest of everybody to allow elections to take place, otherwise he will appoint people to manage those local government areas.

“I will also like to announce that this Saturday, the two Local Governments of Birnin Gwari and Zangon Kataf will be having their own Local Government elections. They were postponed for security reasons, but I believe that the security agencies and the State Independent Electoral Commission have agreed that it is possible to hold this election this weekend. Our hope is that we will be able to conduct this election as well as bye elections in two or three Local Governments, so that we swear in the new Local Government Chairmen, to start their tenure from the 1st of November 2021.

“I would like to observe that if elections do not take place as scheduled on this date, we will have no option than to appoint Administrators to manage these Local Governments for the next three years. So it is in the interest of everybody to allow elections to take place, otherwise I will appoint people to manage those local governments.

“I will also want to comment on those that are affected by insecurity. We have a Riot Damage and Compensation Fund for those who are affected from 2016. I am therefore directing the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs to draw from the Riot Damage Fund, to pay all those affected, up to, and including this year.

“I would also like to inform the security agencies as well as the traditional leaders here, that we are in the process of establishing a Farmers/Herdsmen Reconciliation Council at the State level as well as similar Committees at the Local Government and Chiefdom and Emirate levels. This is backed by a law, a military edict, enacted in the 1990s. But somehow, we didn’t come across the law until recently. So, we are activating these Committees to help in managing clashes between farmers and herdsmen at all levels.

“Let me conclude by expressing our deepest gratitude once again to our traditional leaders. You are playing a very important role not only in the provision of useful intelligence in your communities, but in also in engaging in reconciliation. You are also engaged in peace-building in collaboration with our state Peace Commission. We urge you to continue and I particularly urge the Agwatyap not to be discouraged by what is happening, to continue to work towards peace. In the end, there is no alternative to peace building. As leaders, we cannot but to continue to preach peace.

“I want to express our gratitude to our security agencies for the sacrifice that they are making. I urge them not to be discouraged by comments by those who are uninformed, who think that nothing is being done. My colleagues, the politicians, are the most guilty; just because they want people to clap for them, they will say that nothing is being done. If nothing is being done, you will not be able to sleep. Many of these incidences are being prevented and when they are, you will not hear about it.

“You don’t hear commendation but when something happens, you hear all the condemnation. As someone who receives the security reports on a daily basis, I know that a lot is being done by the security agencies. I wish to commend you and may God bless you. We are happy with the results of the military campaigns, and it is clear that kidnapping has gone down, but we want more than that. We want to have zero-kidnappings, zero killings”. El-rufai said.

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