Kaduna residents divided over Buhari, Atiku

“My vote is for Atiku Abubakar. In fact I’m already Atikulated. I will vote PDP man as my president. I like PDP from the beginning.”

Sola Ojo, Kaduna

Veronica Stephen

I need peace. One of my children was killed inside bush in Nasarawa State. All I need and pray to God for is merciful person. This person may be from major or minor political party, I don’t care about the political party but individuals that make up the party. The previous government do bring food to me. But now, to see food eat is difficult. I’m not the only one saying this. Many people are just tired the way things are in Nigeria today. We said PDP was bad, but APC has failed as a party of hope. We need leaders who value lives. We need a leader who is well grounded in how to manage economy and its components.

Usman Ibn Lapai, Journalist

If God spare our lives, I’m going to vote for Buhari. There is a proverb which says that, a known devil is better than a million saints you don’t know. Buhari has done a lot. He has stabilised security a little than the previous government. He has put a lot of infrastructure in place in the country. He has fixed roads. There is ongoing renovation of Abuja-Kaduna-Kano, Suleja-Lapai-Bida- Mokwa-Jeba-Ilorin roads, which will link you to the west. We should not forget also the power of incumbency. Some of those that want to come now have served in government previously and we have an idea of who they are. Agriculture has improved. We now produce what we consume in the country due to his intervention. Unlike before when we use to import virtually everything we eat. The farmers who now have the capacity to produce more and earn more surely enjoy support from the Federal Government.

Ezekiel Obafemi, Spare parts dealer

My vote is for Atiku Abubakar. In fact I’m already Atikulated. I will vote PDP man as my president. I like PDP from the beginning. We thought APC can make a difference but here we are, nothing has really changed as one expected when we gave the party our mandate in 2015. Let us allow Atiku to try his best too. We have many over qualified people that can help this country to move from giant of Africa in theory to reality. Atiku Abubakar is one of those great Nigerians. Already, he’s an employer of labour. We see the number of our young men who have lost their jobs.

These people keep sharing our money and pretending as if there is no money. They are not paying contractors who will in turn create employment and wealth.

Tajudeen Ajibade Tijani, retired civil servant

I’m voting for President Muhammadu Buhari. To start with, he’s the current holder of the biggest office in Nigeria. From my own estimation as a political reporter, we have never had it so good in this country probably since second republic. All the hullabaloo and propaganda of 16 years of PDP could not take us anywhere. The job the Buhari’s administration has carried out in the last three years has touched many lives positively. Starting from agriculture, it has been so good for farmers in recent times. The insecurity has been curtailed to North East and we are witnesses to the situation where Boko Haram were over all of us some years ago. Many roads have been constructed and rehabilitated under this government. People are engaged on their own. More people are becoming entrepreneurs and that is how we can rebuild the country. He needs more time to consolidate on what he has started. Four years is not enough to correct many wrongs of the previous administrations.

Lawal Muhammad, Mechanic

There is no need asking me that question. It can only be Buhari. This is because APC is the one in power now and in them we are seeing the change we want. They have done well in agriculture and security. Anchor borrowers programme for the farmers is one thing I really appreciate about APC government. The programme targeted at real farmers and not political farmers. More youths are engaged in the agricultural value chain. Also, we all know that before, we cannot sit down like this. We would be afraid of what will happen next. There were bombings everywhere including Kaduna. We experienced it here at Ori Apata. It can only be Buhari.

Aliyu Muhammed Bala, Panel beater

Even if to cut my finger in case INEC will not provide us with ballot papers, as for me and my wife, we will vote for Buhari. I’m not thinking of him doing anything for me. He has laid foundation for me and my children to build on. As you can see, I’m still young. Baba has continued to complete the projects of the previous government. Others would come and initiate their own projects and abandoned what they met on ground. No going back. I am one of the youths that went to beg him to contest. I’m not saying there are no other credible people in the country, but we have known him and that is another reason I will vote for him. I promised to be by him whatever happens. He should just be supported to complete some of the ongoing projects in the interest of all of us.

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