Kick against what can jeopardise your future, Salis tells students

Bianca Iboma

Lagos State Alliance for Democracy (AD) gubernatorial candidate, High Chief Owolabi Salis,  has enjoined Nigerian students to kick against any form of politicking that would jeopardise their future, emphasising on the need to alter a system that enslaves the majority for the benefits of a few.

Salis who gave the advised while speaking at a one-day conference held by the National Union of Lagos State Students (NULSS) in conjunction with Nigeria Youths Movement, Lagos State, at the Federal College of Education, Technical, Akoka, Lagos tagged ‘Vote Buying and Graduate Students’ Destiny’.

The governorship hopeful said a system that does not allow graduates occupy offices where they can use their skills effectively, but ensure only the children of the elites get good jobs is slavery.

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“Vote buying is one of the tools of such a system and so you must do everything legal to resist it otherwise you will end up as commercial bus  drivers, tricycle and motorbike operators. While their children live in luxury with good job.”

Salis added that if he becomes the governor, his focus would be reducing the rate of poverty in the state.

He cited  the situation in America for instance where medicare is there for the poor people.

“If you are a rich man, you have to pay for your health services, and if you can’t pay, you buy insurance. Such can be applicable here.

“In housing, they have a lot of houses for poor people, it is even better than what some rich men have.

“Those  houses built are given to poor people to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and it works, I have done an extensive  research on it and I plan to bring it home to Lagos.”

Salis added that his government would  focus on four major issues which includes housing, food, education and health and that one of the yardstick to measure a successful government is in breaching the gap between the rich and the poor.

Earlier at the graduation of 510 beneficiaries of the Owolabi Salis Foundation at Onike Iwaya, the Star Alliance consensus candidate, said although political candidates can jointly ensure peaceful electioneering, himself, his party and supporters have never and will never be advocates of violence. While expressing her gratitude, one of the beneficiaries, Mrs. Anne Adeba, who said she could now manufacture soap in any form, urged the AD governorship candidate to do more for women when he gets into office, saying the Nigerian society is not friendly to females.

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