October 16, 2021


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Lagosmatchmaker coach Nkpubre Arit Edet wants Nigerian singles to put more efforts to find lifetime Love

In-house dating coach of LagosMatchmaker, Nkpubre Arit Edet, has advised Nigerian singles who are finding it difficult to cross from their present status to get a lifetime partners not to worry themselves as what they need is to put extra efforts in their search for love for them to find their ultimate happiness.

Arit Edet said it was the challenges the singles facing that gave birth to the Lagosmatchmaker, a privacy focused matchmaking service, which matches clients based on their personalities, interests, background and more.

According to the certified coach, who holds a degree in Economics from Howard University and Masters in International strategy from University of St-Andrews, singles who need life companions and are not getting them should turn to Lagosmatchmaker and see their fortune change completely.

According to the Lagosmatchmaker in-house dating coach, said,“I feel everything you want in life can be achieved if we put effort in it. If you want a job, you get qualifications and make the effort to apply for it. I feel effort should be applied to dating too as opposed to sitting and hoping for things to magically fall in place, I feel if you want love, put the effort to search for it. We are here to make that an easy process at Lagosmatchmaker,”

She said clients of Lagosmatchmaker range from the never married, divorced, single parents, singles, those that lost their spouse and others.

“We do have extremely busy clients who don’t have the time for a social life. We also have clients who just want the additional help with their dating life. We are the people you outsource your dating life to,” said the Lagosmatchmaker coach.

Despite the fact the Lagosmatchmaker opens its door to every Nigerian irrespective of status, ethnic and religious backgrounds, the company is very strict with the age of its would-be clients.

In the words of the brain behind Lagosmachmaker,“The minimum age on the platform is 25 years. We recently had an increase in the number of older clients who have signed up. We have a lot of females ages 40 to 55 and males ages 45 to 65. We aim to help everyone find that happiness that comes with companionship.”

Speaking about the hallmark of the service which Lagosmatchmaker renders to its numerous clients and how the matchmaker has been a sought-after platform, Edet disclosed that “our platform is privacy focused so this means privacy is our highest priority. We do not circulate or post pictures of members. However, we can exchange pictures of members with the permission of that party. We have had a lot of successful matches with this formula so we know it is something that works for us.”

The process of matchmaking comes with its peculiar challenges, especially in our world which is still being guided by its culture.

She said during a recent media interview session round that,“I have encountered a lot of challenges. The fact that matchmaking is fairly new to Nigeria in the business sector means there is no blueprint or previous marketing plan to follow.

“This was a major challenge to learn how to market and educate the people about what we do and the process. We are privacy focused, so we have to explain to clients that we don’t have pictures posted of individuals. Things are done manually which doesn’t make the process as efficient but it leads to better results and we are highly focused on the results.

“We were also faced with the challenge of explaining to Nigerians what we do because this is an uncommon trade. Some people think we give relationship advice which is not what we do. We focus on the dating aspect of life because this is an area I have been certified in and also as a single individual dating, things in this aspect are fresher to my understanding. We are linking individuals together and that’s basically it.

“One other major problem we had in the beginning was getting good staff. That took about a year to find the perfect people that understand the job, get them a little bit of training and it’s been a blessing to have people who genuinely care about the clients like I do,” added the Lagosmatchmaker resource person.

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