Lines you shouldn’t cross while keeping a side chick

Amaka Nicholas

It’s in our faces every day what married and single men are doing with women who are not their significant other. While some men indulge in flings or one-night stands with strangers or prostitutes with no strings attached, others prefer to keep side chicks for reasons best known to them.

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Sex may seem the ultimate reason most men see other women, but to some, having a side chick is more than just sex.

I’m not your pastor, imam or moral compass, so spare me the sermon that I’m encouraging adults who already know the consequences of their actions.

My duty is to open your eyes and mind so that you don’t foolishly ruin yourself the more. Keeping a side chick can be very expensive and risky too, so learn not to cross some lines.

Never blindly lead a woman on by acting and claiming to be single, a total gentleman, going to any length to make her fall head over heels in love with you, only to find out when she’s already neck-deep into you that you are indeed married or in a serious relationship.

Some girls are mean and unforgiving when they get played. They may come after you in ways you least expect. You hurt her feelings, she might as well help you scatter everything by leaving you and your wife or partner in ruins.

Don’t be a happily married man and go about deceiving single ladies that you have filed for divorce and your marriage is over. Some men even go as far as telling these girls how their wives are terminally ill and have only few months to live.

Telling deadly lies just to get in-between a woman’s legs for a few minutes of pleasure is terrible. You have lost your humanity. These women stay faithful in the relationship, even pushing potential suitors away, having sex and waiting for a divorce and death that may not happen any time soon.

A man who keeps a side chick should not be selfish and overly jealous. You have no right whatsoever to stop her from having a boyfriend or acting single. You are married or in a clearly defined relationship with another woman, yet want her to remain 100% faithful and loyal, it doesn’t work that way.

It doesn’t matter if you are paying the rent and she’s entirely dependent on you. Don’t be too clingy. Remind her that whatever you both have is temporary. Encourage her to not shut other single men out. If you ever run into her with her boyfriend, be kind enough to accept your place, she will do same any day she runs into you and your madam.

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Bringing your side chick to the house you share with your spouse or partner for whatever reason is disrespectful. It doesn’t matter if your partner is out of town or you just want to show her that she’s replaceable. Don’t let the devil use you to ruin your own life. The place of a side chick is either her apartment, hotel rooms or your guest house.

It doesn’t matter how much you fancy your side chick, stop gallivanting around town with her. You have no business displaying her everywhere or her pictures on any social media platforms. Do not tag her to any of your posts. Stop monitoring your side chick on social media or threatening her male admirers.

Do not send your side chick to pick up or drop off groceries for your family. She should never assist you to pick up your kids from school either. Some side chicks are evil only waiting for the slightest opportunity to wipe out your family just to take over. She may probably hate your family more than she loves you.

If possible, set aside a secret phone number for your side chick. This phone ends in the car, office or turned off when home or when you are with your partner. If not, if she calls when you are with your wife or partner, do not pick, but if you must, then pretend she’s one of your male friends, if she’s smart she will decode the coast isn’t clear.

Variety spices your life but don’t give your secret out cheaply. Do not spend every evening with your side chick hanging out and having rounds of sex that you return home to your partner just to shower and hit the bed like a sack of potatoes. Save some strength to give your main woman some good sex too. It’s her right and your responsibility as well.

For whatever reason, avoid the temptation of keeping late nights and always sleeping out. It doesn’t matter if your side chick is sick and hospitalized or she insists you pass the night with her. She has no such right.

Going on vacation with your family or partner and also planning on smuggling your sidechick into town and same hotel is a no-no. Stay focused.

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Always use protection during sex with your side chick. Exposing yourself and your partner to deadly sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies and possible baby mama drama is foolishness of the highest order


To be continued


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