Looking for the two men behind Buhari’s slow progress

Sometime ago, the President told a group that it was the National Assembly’s inability to assent to bills he sent that is responsible for the slow progress we are witnessing.

Chika Abanobi

I am searching for the two powerful men which Aisha, Buhari’s wife, said are behind her husband’s slow progress. If you see them, please, don’t do anything to them. Don’t abuse them. Don’t insult them. Don’t greet them inakwana or ina gejiya. Don’t salute them. Don’t smile at them And, don’t ask them for favour, whether in the day or night. Just direct them to see me and leave the rest of the matter with me.

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I am searching for the two men they said made our Brothers and Sisters in Crisis to call our Presido Baba Go Slow. If you see them, don’t wave at them. Don’t say Sanu to them. Just bring them to me and watch what I am going to do to them. I say I am searching for the two most powerful men they said advised Baba to put our money, lives, hope, future, change in Single Treasury Account. If you see them just ask them to see me.

I am searching for the two most powerful men in Nigeria that are said to be the real clones before the fake clone that surfaced recently in our people’s imagination. I am searching for them because I want to ask them one question, just one question: we didn’t vote for you and you are holding us to ransom by the jugular, what would happen if we leave Baba and vote for you in the forthcoming general elections? Would that make things to move faster than they seem to be doing now? Just that question and I would be done.

Sometime ago, the President told a group of sycophants (psycho-fans?) that it was the National Assembly’s inability to assent to the several bills he sent to them that is responsible for the poor, uninspiring governance and slow progress we are witnessing. It is they (the National Assembly lawmakers) who made our nation’s growth and development take on the speed of a snail, he said. With Aisha’s revelation, we now know better. That’s why I am searching for the two powerful men said to be behind Baba’s slow pace.

I am searching for the two powerful men who they said stand as cogs in our nation’s wheel of progress. I am sure they are extraordinarily powerful and influential. In fact, they are the power behind the throne, sorry, Presidency. You don’t try to cage someone more powerful than you, do you? I am sure this is why the Presidency has not thought it wise to cage them all this while.

I am searching for the two most powerful men in Nigeria. I used to think that it is all these moneybags. Now Aisha has proved me wrong. The people we are searching for have more than money. They have power. And they are willing to use it. If you see them, send their names and addresses to me. I want to talk to them. I want to talk with them. I want to plead with them to allow our economy to move faster than it is now. I want to appeal to them to get the members of the National Assembly to sign those bills from the Presidency that are said to be piling up there like patients’ files in general hospital, so that we can move on and move faster.

I am searching for the two powerful men in Buhari’s government said to be in-charge of string pulling within the Aso Rock power circuit. I am searching for them because I want to say hello to them without currying any favour from them. Abeg, make una help me search. We must find them, otherwise things would not move faster, in 2019 and beyond just as they did not from 2015 – 2018.

They are so powerful that I heard that when some people tried to dislodge them with snake charmer, it did not work. They tried to do so with firefighting water hoses, but the water coming out from them only washed their sins away and left us licking our wounds. They tried to dismantle their power structure but they found out that there are so deeply entrenched that nothing could move them even after being ignominiously sacked!

My question is, if we don’t know what to do with them, if we don’t know how to handle them, why don’t we ask Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State to help. Just let him erect a statue for each of them. I am sure by this time next week or next month we would be telling a different story. I don’t know how that happens but once your statute appears, for any reason, anywhere in Owerri or Imo State, the next moment you are gone. Come to think of it, if things only go faster when these two powerful men say they will, what are we doing wasting our time looking for who to vote in the 2019 elections, between Atiku and Buhari? Look (I don’t care what chapter of it you opened to or, are reading), let’s vote for them.

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The unimaginable level of infrastructural decay especially in South East is, indeed, appalling. It is a clear case of marginalization. But there is nothing without end. We are waiting.

Engineer Okanimee, 08099739937

You always like to address your article to your “Brothers and Sisters in Crisis.” Please, who are these “Brothers and Sisters in Crisis”? When are they going to leave their “Crisis” and come to Christ?


Walahi, you are sarcastically on point. The APC-led government is surrounded by lie-infested fellows, but I am not sure if PDP is going to fare better. Keep beaming your searchlight on bad government and governance.


I am one of the passengers who travel regularly on these roads you mentioned in your write-up, and, as you pointed out, they are truly deathtraps. But that problem is not limited to only the South East. From what I can see, the road infrastructural decay is a general one throughout the nation.


Your article was awesome. Keep it up

Larry, 08067901724

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