Lord’s Chosen members plan buying a private jet for Muoka

By Gilbert Ekezie

Members of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement have resolved to pull their resources together to purchase a private jet for General Overseer of the church.
This was revealed by one of the testifiers on Sunday at end of Church’s 2-day crusade titled: ‘God has sworn to bless you,’ held in Lagos.
Members of the church in South Korea, USA, UK , Australia, and other parts of the world said it is highly time Muoka enjoyed a private jet due to the nature of his evangelism.
They noted that Muoka is spending more resources going round the world on public plane for evangelism, pointing out that with the private jet, he would do more exploits on winning more souls for God.
One of the members who spoke on anonimity, explained that everything genuinely possible, will be done to ensure that the challenges being faced by Muoka in his efforts to win ten billion souls all over the world are tackled by securing a private jet for him. “The plan to get a private jet for our General Overseer is on top gear. We have began the move, and money have started coming in from members. We will gradually be raising funds for the project, and as soon as we raise the money, we will get the jet.”
The Chosen members expressed that Muoka has been discouraging them from getting a private jet for him, but said that now is the right time to do that. ‘Our General Overseer had always refused having a private jet because of the cost implication. But we have decided to join hands together to buy it, whether he likes it or not.”

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