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How To Set Up Your Virtual Wealth System Site Properly

To setup your Virtual Wealth System site properly and for maximum viral effect, make sure you complete these 4 easy steps. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to build 12 downlines and earn 12 streams of income all at the same time while you only promote 1 website link.

Step #1 – Add Your Photo and Edit Your Details 

Edit your personal details, upload a photo, and add your Facebook, Twitter plus Website or Blog link. NOTE: ALL Photos, Links and Banners will be verified by our Admin.

Step #2 – Add Any Five Home-Based Businesses That You Want To Promote

This is where you add your favorite affiliate links and sites. First add your top five text link ads. Then four 125×125 banners and one 468×60 banner.

Step #3 – Setup Your Virtual Wealth System and Join All 12 of Our Income Streams

This is where you enter your username/affiliate id# in our system so you can automatically build all 12 income streams at the same time.

Step #4 – Promote Your Virtual Wealth System Referral Link Everyday

NOTE: Use the Income Streams in Our System to Get Leads, Traffic and Daily Signups

Get your VWS affiliate link and start promoting! This section has all the banners, solo emails ads, signatures and affiliate tools that you can easily use to build your downlines! Expose your ONE affiliate link to the world and watch your downlines, signups and commissions explode!

View and Contact Your Referrals Often. Offer Them Support and Encouragement

You can view your personal referrals profile pages and click their links and view their top money making sites. A great way to see what programs others are using to make money online.

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