October 28, 2021


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Man needs N5m for pelvic surgery

By Job Osazuwa

If anyone had told Mr. Adeniyi Abiodun that he would at this stage of his life become a vegetable, and be relying on people to carry out his normal daily tasks, he would have waved it off without a second thought.

But since October 30, 2018, he has remained incapacitated after falling from a plastic chair, which affected his right leg. Ever since, life has become miserable for the 61-year-old man. For over two years, sleep has remained a luxury for him. Without a pain reliever, his eyes would be wide open, night and day.

When Daily Sun visited him at his rented apartment at 17, Bankole Street, off Alamatu Market, Idioro, Mushin, Lagos, the father of three cut a pitiable sight.

Narrating his ordeal from a two-seater chair in his sitting room, he lamented that he has spent over N8 million since the incident happened, yet still depends on crutches to move about within his two-room apartment.

He recalled that after the fall, he thought it was not something very serious. He only felt a slight pain in his leg later that fateful day. He believed that it was going to subside, but he was wrong.

According to him, the second day, the pain became unbearable prompting him to seek the service of a nurse to treat him at home. He said that he was later advised to go for intensive screening to know exactly what was wrong with his leg.

“I went to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and I did X-ray, where it was discovered that I had fracture in my pelvis. I did some other tests after which I was advised to go for a surgery.

“I did the first operation at LUTH in February 2019. The doctors inserted implant in my pelvis.  After sometime, the doctors said that there was infection in my system that was resisting the implant from working. So, I was booked for another operation in May 2019 to remove the implant. That was my second operation.

“I was in pain at LUTH for six months. My bills were accumulating on a daily basis. At a point, they had to discharge me because I couldn’t pay the bills anymore. The doctors handling my case asked me to prepare for the third operation to re-insert another implant.

“Somewhere along the line, some persons advised me to go to National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos, to continue my treatment with the explanation that the hospital is more specialised.

“Igbobi gave me a bill of N2.1 million, which only covered the surgery, excluding drugs, bed space and other costs. I began to source for fund but, up till now, I cannot raise the money and I have not gone back to Igbobi for the operation. And the doctors assured me that my leg would become okay once again after the operation,” he said.

He stated that he would need nothing less than N5 million to have the surgery done, including other expenses while the treatment lasts.   

Abiodun thanked his church, family and friends, who have been sustaining him since 2018. 

Financial assistance can be sent to the patient through First Bank account 3024457607, Adeniyi Mufutau Abiodun. He can be reached on 08034727813.

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