Martins urges Nigerians to vote wisely

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Lagos Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins, has charged Nigerians to vote wisely in the February election.

In his opening remark at the 2019 public lecture on good governance organised by the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos with the theme “The Power of the Electorate in a Democracy: Nigeria Case Study,”’ he noted that the days of sitting at the fence were over.

In his words: “We urge Nigerians to vote their conscience by electing intelligent, visionary, principled, patriotic, proficient and God-fearing men and women who will boldly steer the ship of our state back on course.

“A people who have not yet mastered the art of putting worthy people in power will end up with charlatans and criminals as leaders.

“Seven days to the commencement of the national elections, there are still pertinent questions that require answers: ‘How prepared are INEC and the law-enforcement agencies to ensure free and fair elections?’ ‘Is the political class ready and willing to abide by the electoral laws and allow the wishes of the electorate to subsist at the polls?’”

He, however, expressed gratitude that there is increasing consciousness among Nigerians on the need for greater participation in the political life of the country. And there is greater determination to hold the leaders accountable and ensure they do what is right and greater awareness on the power of their PVC’s to effect change in the country.

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