By Oyinlola Pelumi Adewale 

Virtually everyone experiences toothache in one phase of his or her life – whether mild or serious. As long as people continue to chew, store food in the mouth, bite or tear with the teeth, there will be toothache. Toothache is pain in a tooth that may be caused by dental problems such as biting, flossing, getting something stuck in between teeth and so on. Not every toothache requires a visit to the dentist. Some can be treated with some home remedies.

One: Salt water rinse

When you grow up in an African home, this should not be a surprise. Any little complaint about the teeth, you’d be advised to put enough salt in water and gargle. Salt water is a very effective and immediate treatment to help with toothache because it helps free food particles that may be stuck in between your teeth. Salt water helps reduce inflammation orally. Add a tea spoon of salt to a glass of water and swish around your mouth while making sure it reaches ever corner, spit out the water after proper swishing, do not swallow, then floss for stubborn food particles to be removed.

Two: Garlic

Garlic contains antibacterial properties and has been recognized for thousands of years to have medicinal properties. Garlic does not only kill harmful bacteria that cause toothache, it also acts as a pain reliever. To use, crush a clove of garlic and mix thoroughly till it becomes a paste. Then apply to affected area or chew if you don’t want to go through the stress of crushing and mixing. You can add a little pinch of salt to the mixture if you want.

Three: Hydrogen peroxide rinse

Hydrogen peroxide can be gotten in any pharmacy of your choice and it is known to help relieve pains and reduce inflammation. To use this, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to your glass of water and use as a mouthwash. Do not swallow. Spit it out after use. Using this will not only kill bacteria but will also heal bleeding gums and reduce oral diseases.

Four: Ice

Using ice is for situations where you have a swollen cheek, gum or face as a result of forcefully pulling out a tooth from its root. To use this, put some ice cubes in a piece of cloth and place on the swollen area. Applying ice to a swollen tooth can help numb the pain.

Five: Vanilla extract

This should not only be used when making pastries and cakes, it can also be used to soothe pain got from a toothache. Vanilla extract contains alcohol and as a result of that it is believed to help relieve toothaches. Aside the alcohol content, vanilla extract is known to contain natural anti-inflammatory properties that help numb the pain caused by toothache.

Six: Peppermint teabags

Peppermint teabags can also be used to relieve pain and soothe sensitive gums for a short period of time. The tea bag can either be warm or cold. If you want to use while hot, make sure the tea bag has been removed from the hot or boiling water and has been kept down to cool or you can put it in the freezer for it to get cold then you apply it to the affected tooth.

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