My pain, my joy as an actor – Tony Umez

 *Tony Umez
For an A-list actor who used to feature in about thirteen to fourteen movies per year, if he starts featuring in about four to five movies, his face would cease to be regular on screen.

“Died Wretched: Buried in N2.3m Casket, ” wasn’t my first movie.

But it was the movie that brought me to limelight.

It has also made me more rounded as I play different characters in movies.

‘What starring in soft-porn movie ‘027’ taught me’ I embraced my first course of study- English and started doing private tutoring until 1994, when I featured in a church movie.

I played the lead role in the movie.

Interestingly, I met my wife while starring in that church movie.

She played my wife in the movie, and to God be the glory, she is my wife today.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t paid any fee after featuring in my first two movies.

I returned to the industry in 1997, featuring in a movie titled, “The Princess.” The role I played in that soft-porn movie, 027 I did a movie, and I didn’t see it as soft-porn.

Those who are labelling the film as ‘x-rated movie’ have not watched, till the end.

The lady in question played the lead role in the movie.

It was a 2-hour movie, but people are focusing on that particular scene which just happened.

It wasn’t as if there was sex all through the movie.

It was just an aspect of the whole movie.

The movie generated a lot of controversies when it was released.

I received some foreign calls, commending the movie because they watched it till the end.

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