“Naaaa, the one that is more endowed is better”

“Naaaa, the one that is more endowed is better,” Bola said finally looking up from her phone and giving me a phony kiss…

Efe Anaughe

Mandisa stayed over at my place for a few days, just so we could talk some more but that didn’t help. She left for South Africa soon after when her husband suddenly called and requested, no demanded she return home immediately. I tried to encourage her but the truth is, I was thinking of Rick and Dennis; I didn’t think I had the moral justification to berate her. The days were busy so I didn’t have time to dwell on Mandisa’s situation for long. I got an invite to a Women’s Conference where I was given an Award for being a ‘Change Agent’ the girls couldn’t make it so I went alone. “Hey girl, what are doing all holed up in the dark,” Jasmine exclaimed in concern as she sauntered into my office with the girls. “Maybe she is masturbating or she’s a vampire,” Zara said in a sleazy sexy drawl as Jasmine switched on the lights and I flinched from the brightness. I looked at my crazy friends with the exception of sweet quiet Kaycee of course.

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Bola was ‘sexting’ her married lover or so I was told by Jasmine. I shook my head in disgust and turned to Jasmine. “Thanks for rallying the girls at such short notice,’ I said with a smile. “Ok, so who are you marrying? Rick or Dennis? I think you should choose the one that is better in bed!” Zara said with a dirty smirk. “Naaaa, the one that is more endowed is better,” Bola said finally looking up from her phone and giving me a phony kiss. She knows my feeling about her dating a married man and a long time ago we had agreed to disagree.

“Girls I didn’t ask you over because of man matter, for goodness sake give me a break! My life does not revolve around Rick and Dennis,” I said giving three of them a baleful look with the exception of Kaycee.

“Whatever,” Zara said unperturbed by my outburst. Zara just naturally likes to get under my skin and I wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction. I called them for something important.

“Tobs I don’t mean to rain on your parade but can we know why you called us so urgently, I need to be in Church now,” Kaycee said smiling apologetically at me. “Jheri Blake and Chioma his lovely wife will be having an Awards Night this Sunday the 25th at Golden Tulip Hotel Festac Town by 4:00pm to commemorate the first year Anniversary of Empire Radio and I will be a recipient of an Award, it’s going to be a night of glitz and glamour. It’s a red carpet Event.

Jheri Blake has requested that we all attend and he would be hosting us to dinner thereafter.” I said with a smile. The other news I have is not new to you all in fact you have been very active in the planning. Warien Rose Foundation will be having a busy week; on Monday the 26th we would be having a ‘White Ribbon Walk’ to mark part of our 16 days activism on gender based violence which you all know is a United Nations program and on the 28th at United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Ikoyi, Warien Rose Foundation in collaboration with United Nations UNIC will be having a Seminar on ‘The Girl Child, Endangered Specie: Abuse, Challenges and Solutions in the 21st century’ with speakers from the Ministry of Women Affairs, Youths and Social Development, NAPTIP (Agency on Human Trafficking), Immigration, The Police Force and of course the Ministry of Justice.

It’s going to be very informative and I would love for you girls to be on ground. I am aware Jasmine needs to make a quick trip to Dubai to see a client and Zara you said you will be going to London for two weeks. Please can all these happen after the Event? I need you guys, so I don’t freak out,” I said with a lopsided smile trying to look troubled but failing woefully. “Nonsense you can take it all in your stride but we will be here for you, right girls?” Zara asked smiling and everyone was in agreement. Thank goodness!

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