October 21, 2021


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Nail it, fix it

By Cynthia Oyinatumba

Nail fixing has evolved over the years. There are whole lots of  designs women wear these days, especially the younger ladies.

Visit a nail studio and you will see assorted trends in nails. The most stylish ones are: metallic nails, pastel nails, Grandlent pastels , nude and neon, among others.  Acrylic with gel is in vogue with working class ladies and students. It gives one a classy and chic personality.  The press-on nail is also available and it comes handy for those who want a DIY fix at home.

Shakirat Oriade, a nail technician in Ikeja (under bridge) insists that the acrylic method of fixing is more expensive than the press on and also stands one out because the nail is well structured. According to her, one’s purse in terms of spending, determines the kind of nails to fix.

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