By Christy Anyanwu

Entrepreneur and industrial chemist, Chike Ikenga, has commended female students of Nigerian universities for their patriotic endorsement of Nature’s Gentle Touch range of hair care products, which made the indigenous brand created 25 years ago to succeed despite stiff competition from imported brands.

While noting that students of University of Lagos were the first to accept the brand and express confidence in the Nigerian made relaxer, Ikenga said that in the early days of the brand’s introduction, Nigerian ladies preferred using foreign relaxers but university students went all out to use and showcase NGT to their families, friends and younger ones and that started the success story of the hair brand.

Speaking to journalists at a virtual event, to mark the 25th anniversary of the company, he noted that the take-off was rough but they were determined to weather the storm and defeated the initial resistance and sabotage by middlemen or distributors.

The company created personal care solutions to enable each woman to unleash her unique style and individuality but was greeted with doubts from the market including hairdressing salons, a situation distributors compounded.

While many may be contemplating success for a business that has survived for 25 years in terms of balance sheet or bottom line, Ikenga’s contentment is in redefining the personal lifestyle segment, a feat his efforts have delivered in Nigeria.

“We take pride in being a wholly Nigerian brand, which stood firm and took the bold step to empower Nigerian and African women with the knowledge required to express themselves through both their hair and personal lifestyles.”

Recounting the early days of the business, Ikenga said: “Our story cannot be complete without mentioning Nigerian tertiary institutions, particularly the University of Lagos.

“We discovered that up to 80 per cent of Nigerian and African women required tailor-made hair care solutions, because of the weather, the diet and other things, so the passion to solve these problems gave birth to Nature’s Gentle Touch.

“Nigerian supermodel, Oluchi Onweagba, who is based in the United States, was among those that became associated with Natures Gentle Touch. She showcased the customised style solutions delivered by the brand with pride. Another notable beauty queen who endorsed the NGT is former Miss World, Agbani Darego.

Those who know Onweagba and Darego proclaim that for the two icons to put their names and personal brands on anything, personal style, then it must be worth it.

On the global stage, beauty queen and supermodel, Leila Lopes, is also known to have proudly embraced the marketing of personal lifestyle solutions of Nature’s Gentle Touch some time ago.”

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