Security of life and property is  key in any nation. It assures flow of investment into the society as well as engenders economic growth and stability, peace and development.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria, government seems not to  believe in such narrative. That is why she  has failed to deliver good governance to the people. In fact, they have shown signs of helplessness to the extent that the president’s convoy was attacked recently even with the retinue of security apparatus at his disposal. The danger is that if the president can be attacked, the common man without any form of protection, is in trouble.   

Recently, the governor of a state in the northern region urged the people to bear arms  in order to defend themselves even with the security volts allocated them. They (governors) have resigned to fate. They have abdicated their responsibility to the citizens. It is so sad.  If tax payers in a society can be advised to defend themselves, it says a lot about such clime. Surprisingly, recently an Emir in one of the Northern states was suspended by his governor for turbaning a repentant terrorist in the state,  even against the outcry of the people.  I don’t know how we got to this sorry level, particularly in the Southeast. The region before now was secure as well as peaceful. Today, investors and people are fleeing the region in droves for fear of being kidnapped and killed and it is affecting its economy.

Thank God for  Prof Charles Soludo, governor of Anambra State  who in a bid to bring sanity to the state, decided to face the monster called insecurity head–on  by introducing various reforms to stem the tide. This, he did by charging community leaders in the state to take responsibility for any security breach in their domain. It is a commendable one. Sanity is gradually returning to the place. Kudos to him. That is the way to go.  Ndigbo, Ndi-Anambra  and  entire Nigerians should support  him  to actualize adequate security, infrastructural  development  and governance in the state. Nigeria needs a leader like him. The electorate should watch out for candidates with Soludo’s attributes.  As we approach 2023 election,  security of life and property is paramount. Credible polls can only be achieved in an atmosphere of peace, without which it  will be a mirage.

The “sit-at-home” in Southeast every Mondays embarked upon by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is not the best way to achieve emancipation because it is improvising the people and depleting their economy. IPOB should cooperate with Soludo in this new  security  arrangement to bring peace and prosperity to the place because he means well for all. 

In addition to tackling insecurity, Governor Soludo has  introduced  new tax, levy regime in parks, markets, highways etc. These measures are geared towards blocking  leakages in the system which also ensure accountable revenue generation. The abolished revenue collection through proxy in the state by commercial vehicle operators who make daily payment but by electronic means to government coffers is a welcome development. The previous system is capable of breeding corruption which enters the wrong hands thereby emboldening the hoodlums in the state.

My advice to the people of the Anambra State is to support the governor to enable him provide good governance.

*Peter Ogbuokwa writes from  Lagos

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