Nigerian politicians know God but…

Hallelujah, somebody! Let politicians continue to pretend. God cannot be mocked. Neither can all men be fooled forever.

Michael Bush

Without overemphasising the fact, let’s take off with an understanding of the whole picture. Our brothers and sisters who ply their trade in the premier league of politics know full well who God is and what He likes, hates or expects of them. The thing is so simple and clear that even those of them who failed mathematics at college know God is x, where y is darkness, left and false. The Maker of heaven and earth and everything therein is light, right and true: selah!

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Don’t ask me how I know they know this truest truth. That requires no decoding because it is not encoded. One, simply check out the alarming frequency at which these players drop God’s name especially when election looms. And two, zoom in on their unholy mannerism of dragging the big man who sits high up there into satanic pyrrhic victories with barefaced testimonies and flamboyant thanksgiving.

How would they not know God when they occupy the front rows at places of worship? Why won’t they think they know Him when most of them hold top positions in church or mosque? Who can question the godliness credentials of these men and women of power when they ensure loud alerts conveying humongous tithes and offering and donations every month? What else remains as proof that they belong in the kingdom when a majority of them can quote scriptures more than an unstudying and unapproved priest?

Have you had the twin privilege of experiencing the heavenly way these sanctimonious monsters worship God in public only to act like Lucifer’s sole high commissioner on earth in private? Did you ever witness them eulogise another in front of such a one but turn one hundred and eighty degrees behind the same person to pour vitriol or invectives or both? Haven’t you encountered these leadership mercenaries who walk and talk as if they can’t hurt a fly when indeed they have spilt so much blood their hands are stained, their eyes ‘-shot,’ and their souls condemned? Does anyone forget that these guys transform into doves before election but transmogrify into dogs and owners of dogs once sworn in?

Beware of dogs! Sorry, I meant to say beware of these leadership gang members. You’d know them because they are too public perception-conscious or crazy. Even the worst of them are deliberately strategic, apologetic and beggarly; just to deceive posterity (God?).

Alas, these misfits of power are so good at their double-life that only the ultra smart can see through their trademark sanctimony, hypocrisy and humility. Their evil formula has performed wonders to the extent that nature seems to have granted them eternal licence. That can be the only reason they enjoy perennial tenures in the bedrooms (well beyond the corridors) of power. That must be why their cabals continue to grow in influence, number and reach.

That should explain away the helplessness of the minority, one of whose leaders lustfully defected from sense to nonsense, from royalty to commoner, from frying pan to fire. It is political intelligence to join them when you can’t beat them after years of trying, right? Wrong, it is that daredevil love for euphemism that has panel-beaten crosstitution or its made-in-Nigeria version, criss crosstitution, into a fine art. No matter, greed can never have a baptismal name!

Hallelujah, somebody! Let politicians continue to pretend. God cannot be mocked. Neither can all men be fooled forever.

Soon, very soon, so-called leaders who found God but elected to play hide and seek in their hearts shall realise that you don’t fool around in the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, this is no prayer or curse; just another last-minute cry from the Nigerian wilderness, calling politicians to repentance before it becomes too late. Let those, whose ears are not on their waist, hear. God bless Nigeria!


When Super Falcons’ whitewash of Equatorial Guinea cured nothing

I hate how I feel, and even more what I am about to say. Therefore, let me start off with some niceties in the hope that they function as pain killers. On behalf of Nigeria, many thanks and congratulations, to our Girls, on coming from the dead (as it were) to qualify for the next round of the ongoing Africa Women Cup Of Nations tourney.

After the better-forgotten shock opener, bouncing back with resounding victories against Zambian and Guinean counterparts was a commendable feat, but just. Having over-won this competition since it started, there’s really nothing for Nigeria to prove going forward. At 12:2, the Super Falcons have no good second on the continent!

However, something saddens me to no end. The one nil defeat to Bayana Bayana is one headache that I am so bitter I want to prescribe tramadol for. Our girls must meet those South Africans sooner rather than later and avenge permanently by spelling their country with goals.

Nothing else shall compensate enough. I mean, in my village the spirit of sportsmanship does not include losing to opponents you have been using for training. I am waiting, Girls!


North Central-Southeast-South-South by road

It’s a crying shame: even a snail would have completed these stretches of roads after all these years. Unfortunately, taking well over a decade and a half on these roads means we may never deliver on them as old stretches would keep needing attention.

For instance, there’s no adjective or noun or verb (I hope you catch my drift) with which to describe the present state of the sections outside Ajaokuta, Kogi state; and those into and out of Enugu as well as Imo, Abia and Rivers states. Minister Babatunde Fashola may wish to pull a 2019 stunt by taking a road trip today!

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