Nnamani remains godfather of Enugu politics – Nnaji

When he returned to Enugu from an overseas trip that kept him out of the state for a while, the former Enugu State Governor, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani, took the state by storm, traversing the political landscape of Enugu, showcasing his new political philosophy that endeared him once again to his people.

 Nnamani is vying for the senatorial seat of Enugu East Senatorial zone, a familiar terrain for him as he had represented his people before in that capacity from 2007 to 2011. As he campaigned, talking to his people in his door-to-door meet the people campaign, the Enugu State former governor left no one in doubt that he is still the CEO of Ebeano Political Dynasty. He has also taken over the airwaves in the entire broadcast stations in Enugu, reminding the people that he served them meritoriously as governor and will do more for his zone as a senator.

 Ray Nnaji, who was Commissioner for Sports in the Chimaroke Nnamani’s administration, speaks on Nnamani’s political exploits in the state and other very sensitive political issues.

 Ex-governor, Chimaroke Nnamani, is back in Enugu State. He also returned to PDP. What can you say about him?

As far as the PDP is concerned, we formed the party and have served at the highest level. The politics of Enugu State from 1999 till date can be classified as one of struggle for power. Chimaroke Nnamani came in and there were lots of blackmail and infighting, but he succeeded in harmonising the system and his greatest achievement as a leader was in human development. He was a father and had very impressive followership. He was and remains the godfather of Enugu State politics. He lifted the downtrodden and gave them life. He might have had some problems with his public image or public relations, but he was focused and knew where he was going.

 What would you say about the current PDP leadership in Enugu State?

The leadership of the party as presided over by Augustine Nnamani came into office with very high hopes as all of us saw him as somebody who is in a position to advance the cause of the party. Unfortunately, events that unfolded proved us wrong. The way he handled the party primaries was to say the least, unpardonable. This angered members as he even started seeing himself as the successor of the current governor of Enugu State and thereby putting people in positions that will help him achieve his ambition.

 What can you say about the Ebeano political family?

It is very much intact. Governor Ugwuanyi is part and parcel of the family and there is no killing the beetle. Our party has very bright chances in the coming elections. For the presidential election, destiny has beckoned on Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to become the next president of Nigeria. He has what it takes politically. He is a man with vast political experience. He is rearing to go.

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