September 24, 2021


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Oil Money’s simplicity tells life story of a business mogul and philanthropist

Hardly could we see a businessman who wants other people’s problems to be a burden unto his hard-earned money in this era of a world ravaged by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

No doubt that this disease has affected every facet of human endeavours; the business world is still looking for ways out to gather itself together from the negative impacts invasion of mankind.


In the midst of this, Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo, popularly referred to as Oil Money, could not take his heart away from people around him especially those who are in need. Notwithstanding what the world is going through, the Buguda, Rivers State-born business tycoon did the unthinkable by setting up a philanthropic non-profit organization, Oil Money Foundation, to help the vulnerable in the Nigerian society and give them hope and life in the troubled world we live in.

The Oil Money Foundation came into existence November last year and since then it is on record that the foundation has reached out to a good number of the poor in the Nigeria.

Oil Money is not just famous for his business exploits as he has been doing a lot of philanthropy works, doling out monies on the social media, particularly on Instagram prior to the setting up of the foundation.

“Philanthropy is truly complex, but I am aware that people face difficult choices and obstacles along the way, so I try to lend a hand and assist them to scale those hurdles of life and give impetus to their dreams.

“As a public figure, I receive thousands of messages daily. I do a lot of giveaways on Instagram and also privately respond to people who reach out to me for help. Still, I can hardly reply to everyone. I am focused on providing empowerment for young people, anything that will give young people leverages in life,” Oil Money told journalists not too long ago.

According to Oil Money, his simplicity has made him adjust himself to learn how to see ;life beyond opulence, adding that he wants to live a life that will affect a lot people around irrespective of status, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Oil Money, who studied and graduated from London University and currently living in the UK with his family, threw more light into the reason he has the large heart to help people. He said he can hardly resist responding to appeals for assistance. “I believe that any assistance I render to any person improves the lot of humanity in general,”said Oil Money during his round-table with reporters.

Oil Money has been able to develop himself to be an oriented entrepreneur with focus in actualizing his dreams; an entrepreneur with a difference to use his hard-earned money to put smiles on the faces of the poor in the society.

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