From Stanley Uzoaru,Owerri
The last might not have been heard about the quarrel between the incumbent governor of Imo State,Hope Uzodimma with his predecessor,Rochas Okorocha over the insecurity challenge in the State.
The governor who had vowed to name the sponsors of insecurity in the State in a stakeholders meeting on Tuesday reneged hinging his excuse on allowing the security agents to concluse their investigation.
But Okorocha on Wednesday while addressing newsmen in the State slammed the governor for his u-turn in naming the sponsors. He also accused the State government of actually being behind the insecurity challenges using a special task force set up by the governor himself.
Okorocha in his speech said ” I hate to join issues with the governor ,but this has become important that I have to let the whole world know what is going on in Imo . If you may recall ,the governor had said he was going to name those sponsoring insecurity in Imo State on the the 4th of January,this development came as a becon of light to many people who were waiting to say what the governor would say and how it will end the killings and bad stories in Imo State.
“Two days before the time one of his aide in a social media or press release mentioning my name and Ugwumba Uche Nwosu my in-law ,and only yesterday being the 4th ,only for the governor to come out yesterday being 4th saying he is not going to call any name that he would allowed the security people to do their work and arrest the people ,that is a high level of inconsistency . so this government that lies ,deceive a lot at every given time,this gentle man has lied on every given issue .
“The governor could not mentioned names but his aide 3 days ago mentioned me, but what shocked me was that when the world wanted to find out who killed Gulak,who killed the traditional rulers and thousands of people killed in the State only for this man to trivialise the matter ,he didn’t talk about it which was the main thing we all wanted to hear from him .
” It came to people as a shock that the governor can shy away from it which goes a long way to say that if the abduction of Uche Nwosu in the church was successful,he would have been announcing him as number one ,so when that failed he quickly reversed and say let the police do their job ,anytime this government mess up they try to put the police in a bad light ,the Presidency and the whole government of Nigeria in a bad light ,this has been his style ,what he tells A is not what he tells B.
“My integrity is never in question,the governor himself have never said that ,it was his aide that said that which he denied ,what I’m saying is not all about me . The point I’m making is that, I raised some vital issues ,the question remains ,Mr governor ,who killed Gulak ,who is responsible for the 140 dead bodies found ,who beheaded this people,Mr governor answer this question ,Mr governor who sent for the abduction of Uche Nwosu,who desecrated the church ,yesterday I expected I’m sorry from the governor to the people at the incident ,he never apologised,he mad his speech to look hollow “.
Speaking further  Okorocha said “Let me now tell you what is happening in Imo ,State,you have what is called HCF “Hopism Strike Force” in the government house ,it comprised of the army,which whenever got from the Chief of Staff ,police,Ebubeagu ,the way it is structures is that Hope himself is the chairman of this HSF ,he influence whoever he wants to influence at Abuja and get out ,his arttoney general takes care of the legal matters,there are some people they used in the judiciary ,then the Shaba who is the chairman of the strike force,his CSO and his SA ,Chinasa.
“What is happening in Imo State is simply killing,intimidation ,people are not speaking because they are scared , I have taking it as a mark of honour that this matter will not stop until the whole world hears of it , if you don’t hear that Hope Uzodimma is behind Uche Nwosu’s abduction then don’t believe me again .” Okorocha said.
Okorocha has however insisted that he has no personal grudge with Uzodimma other than his intention of scuttling his presidential ambition. He said “What animosity do I have for him other than he has vowed from making run for the post of the President of federal republic of Nigeria ,he has been boasting about it but I’m waiting for him , what will be my animosity for him is that I don’t want him to win another election.
” But this is not about me but about the life of the people ,don’t talk about animosity again,he is a governor ,I was a governor,he was a senator I’m a senator ,I’m for the federal,I have no business with the State I’m running for the President of the Federal republic and Hope Uzodimma can not stop it ,there is nothing in contention,his mate here is Uche Nwosu who may likely contest against him if he is coming for a second term .” Okorocha stated.
However reacting to Okorocha’s reaction ,the State commissioner for information and strategy,Declan Emelumba said Imo has been liberated from Okorocha as describes the allegations made by the former governor as false .
Emelumba said “We don’t want to join issues with a man who is ignorant of what democracy rule is all about ,he does not understand it and will never understand it ,he believes democracy is all about his family,his cronnies and emmassing wealth from the government coffers ,he wouldn’t understand that somebody has come with a change,Okorochas’s government was an aberration,a miscarriage, nobody knew Imo would be like this again.
“God saved Imo State because he almost converted the State to a dynasty ,Okorocha deserves pity,he is living in a world of aristocracy .
“When he said he was shocked the whole world was waiting to hear the names of the sponsors of insecurity in the State,again I thanked God it was live ,I thinking the applause that greeted the governor’s wisdom in naming those behind the insecurity situation in the State is overwhelming ,people applauded him because they saw the wisdom that if he had named them ,the same people would say you have already found us guilty before a public court so what’s the point we can’t get justice.
“So the governor in his well informed wisdom ,divinely guided, said he was confident the security agencies are on top of it and that they were doing a good work,that was why he does not want to preampt them and he believed that with the way they are going and their proficiency it won’t be long they catch up with them.
“Why is complaining,there is this parable in Igbo that when dry bone is mentioned the old becomes jittery ,why is he paranoid about naming or not naming ,does he has anything to hide,was he that he was expecting that he would be named ,he now feels a relief and then turn around to say ,therefore ,like the bible would say,if you’re not guilty you don’t have anything to be afraid .
“Why is he so worried ,what does he has to hide ,there is something he is hiding whenever you talk about it, he thinks you’re close to uncovering it ,this government believes in the rule of law ,he should allow due process to take its course .
On the taskforce allegedly set up by the State government  Emelumba said “Talking about the governor setting up a killer squad is laughable ,so if it is true he waited all this long for accusing fingers to point at you and your son-in-law before you can talk,if you really love Imo at any event,the place you go to lay this complain is not the press ,you go to he law enforcement agencies to lay complain.
” If the governor have a killer squad do a petition ,in his paranoid he said it is made up of the police ,army indirectly he is indicting the security apparatus of the State,if he knows this let him him go to the right authority so that they can investigate it.” Emelumba said.

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