September 24, 2021


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O’Sagacity3 art expo storms Oshogbo 

By Braide Damiete

O’Sagacity, an exhibition of artworks by prodigious visual artist,  Olaniyi Sunday Olaniyan, to expose African  art to different parts of the world has been scheduled to kick off on August 21, 2021, at Regina Suite, Oshogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. 

The curator of the exhibition and arts teacher, Dr  Lisa Arnold, while quoting an astute author who once said, “Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance in order to come back a short distance correctly,”  added that such was the artistic journey of Olaniyi Sunday Olaniyan, who returns  to Oshogbo with his awe-inspiring show O’Sagacity: Here —  The Home, Hood, Heritage Art Exhibition, to  explore Yorùbá proverbs and legends, while exalting such ideals as wisdom and wonder.

Arnold, who did her doctoral studies in the Theatre, Art, and Social Change, University of Minnesota USA  said, “O’Sagacity is a spectacular showcase of Olaniran’s wide talents, deft hands, and painstaking techniques. On view is a gaspingly intricate and uniquely special collection of landscapes, figures, and geometric abstracts in a variety of impressive forms. Each impressive painting, textile, carving, beading, and relief work inspires reverence,  surprise, pride, and joy. While the  astounding works are a tribute to home and heritage, they are also a reminder that Yorùbá wisdom can take us here, there, and everywhere!

“After 10 years of sharing his work on the national and international art scenes, and teaching in classrooms around the world, the award-winning Sunday Olaniran brings this  very personal,  communal art exploration and cultural celebration to Oshogbo, Nigeria,” she extoled the artist.

The exhibition is the third by Olaniyan, who debuted in 2019 in Lagos with his poetic theme: ‘O’Sagacity,’ to let the public  understand the theme, which he said was a profound word of wisdom from both the past,  present and future.

In a Whatsapp chat, Olaniran further explained, “This year I’m réflecting on the theme —Here -Home, Hood, Heritage. —to acknowledge where we come from, because I believe that charity begins at home and, irrespective of how long we have lived in a place, there is no place like home.  The unique aspects of this year’s  exhibition is that I’m cutting deep this time around by bringing it  back to the ancient city of Oshogbo popularly known as the ‘Land of Indigo’.”

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