Osita Okechukwu vows to retire Ekweremadu from Senate

Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

Director General of the Voice of Nigeria (VON), Osita Okechukwu, has said that his main aim for picking the All Progressives Congress (APC) Nomination Form will be to retire the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, from the upper chamber of the National Assembly.

Fielding questions from newsmen after picking the APC Expression of Interest and Nomination Form, in Abuja, the VON DG argued that having reached diminishing returns his people have charged him to lead the squad to retire Ekweremadu.

According to him, “The bigger the market, the more the noise as they say in my place. The noise we are hearing is the reinforcement we are approaching the battle with.

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“That APC is now in a steed that our people have decided that I should lead the squad to retire senator Ekweremadu from the senate not from politics.

“He has spent over a decade and the best he did was to buy motorcycles. He left Aninri rise farms.

“He is getting into what one may feel diminishing returns. He has been involved in infighting. He is one man who feels he wants to stay there forever.

“In compliance with the position of our party the APC and the demands of the people of Enugu West senatorial District that I should represent them at the senate, I decided to pick the Expression of Interest and Nomination Form to become the candidate of the APC.

“My cardinal objective is that an indigene of Enugu, I can tell you that we are just answering Coal City by name.

“Most of those born after the civil war have never seen coal. In the last eight years, I have been fighting to revamp the Enugu coal.

“Efforts have been made to use coal as source of electricity generation and generate employment.

“I said that going to the senate will enhance all the efforts I have made in the past to do that currently in legal tangle.

“Those that have represented us in the past 16 years never mentioned revamping that coal. Since coal makes an average of 38 per cent supply of energy, 80 per cent supply of electricity in India, 65 per cent in South Africa and over 60 in China, we cannot allow such  huge resource to waste.

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“I intend to use my experience, network across the length and breadth of the country to make demands that will get my people to have the Eastern corridor railway just like the western corridor railways.

“Luckily, in my discussion with Mr. president, he agreed that it was a good effort and he will do all he can to start the Eastern corridor railways.

“If I am in the senate, I should be in the best position to liaise with Mr. president to get some of the legal tangles inhibiting our economy,” he assured.

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