Our childhood memories of Christmas –Celebs speak

“My childhood memories of Christmas are the best. No bills to pay, pure love, fun and lots to eat.” – Ruth Eze

Rita Okoye

Once more its Christmas, that time of the year dedicated to love and sharing and indeed there’s a lot of excitement in the air as families reunite. Today, celebs share their most memorable childhood memories of Christmas with Inside Nollywood.


I miss wearing my Christmas dress to sleep – Amara Maduka

What I miss most is when mom would use a broomstick to measure the size of our feet in order to know what shoe sizes to get for us. And also, I miss the times I’ll complain that my Christmas gown is too long and not fitted but I always wore it just the same. I miss preparing to travel to the village. I remember always wearing my clothes the night before the day we’re to travel and no one could make me take it off. However, my mom just waited till I fell asleep and while I’m in deep sleep, she’d undress me. And when I woke up in my house wears I’d be like ‘how did it happen?’ For this year, I’ve no plans yet-oh. I’ll just hang around and have fun.

I miss my large family – Mimi Orjiekwe

Wow! Back then Christmas was spent with my grandpa, grandma, aunties, uncles, cousins and siblings. We were such a large happy family. Added to that was the fact that my grand dad was king. So, it was usually a royal Christmas. Sadly, they are late now and every thing has changed. Everyone is grown and working hard. I’ll forever miss that kind of Christmas celebration. I also looked forward to my new dresses; every kid always did that too.

I miss the fireworks – Nkechi Blessing

Well, my Christmas remains the same. Nothing to miss at all because I spend every Christmas with my family to this day. I only miss the fireworks. This year, I’d be travelling abroad to spend my Christmas.

Our neighbour’s jollof rice was always on my mind- Uzee Usman

I’m not a Christian but I always looked forward to Christmas. In fact, I love Christmas because when I was a child I always dreamed of the rice our neighbours would bring for us. And after I ate, I’d still beg my mum to allow me keep some for tomorrow. I just wanted to keep eating the same rice for days. I also looked forward to new clothes at every Yuletide.

I miss having my Christmas dress ready in November – Damilola Aina

Christmas is always fun but what I miss the most as a kid was having my Christmas dress ready as early as November hidden somewhere in my mom’s closet. She’d think she kept it hidden and I’d keep on sneaking in behind her and fantasising about my Christmas look. It was such a sweet memory. I also recall the visits to amusement park, the games and other request shows back in the days and mum’s special Christmas jollof rice. I still get that anyway. However, on Christmas Day I hope to dine and wine with family and friends and meet new friends, attend events and other places of interest. In all, I’m thankful to The Most High for the gift of life.

I miss going to the stream in my village – Paschaline Alex

I always feel that the memory of my childhood Christmas is the brightest and the sharpest. When we travelled to thevillage, cousins and I would sit on the steps of our village stream washing clothes and swimming. And we’d always make our older cousins to tell us stories. Oh! I miss the way we ate from the same plates with so much love. However, I’ve no plans at all for this year’s Christmas.

I miss eating from house to house – Florence Bodex

As a child, we were always going from house to house with masks, dancing and eating from every plate and dressed in masquerade outfits-oh. Now, I don’t even like going to visit people not to mention going to sing, beg for money, dance and eat people’s jollof rice. But this year, all I want to do is to go chill at a resort and prepare for my birthday which is 27th of December.

I won’t forget how mum measured our feet with broomsticks – Ruth Eze

My childhood memories of Christmas are the best. No bills to pay, pure love, fun and lots to eat. I remember mum would use different broomsticks to measure our feet in order to buy shoes for us. At the end of the day, the shoes would still be oversize. Then she’d pad it up with tissue. It’s so funny as I think about it right now.

For this year, I’ve no plans yet. I’m launching my hair shop in Asaba, so that’s what I’m concentrating on for now.

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