Mothers have an undeniable grip on their sons. The bond between a mother and son is as strong as it gets. Unfortunately, in some cases, this connection can grow shrill and destabilising. “Over Her Dead Body” is a drama-comedy about mothers, sons and the unlucky women who come between them.

In “Over Her Dead Body,” bluntly reminded of her mortality by an armed robbery attack in faraway Ibadan, Zara’s mother-in-law, Mama, arrives unexpectedly on an extended stay. She has one mission resulting from that near-death experience: to embrace her grandchildren before she dies. Unfortunately, she has none. Mama decides it is taking too long for her only son and his wife of many years to deliver. To hasten the process, Mama bullies and mistreats her daughter-in-law, and deploys all kinds of schemes to get to her intended goal. And then, Zara, the henpecked daughter-in-law, decides to fight back…

Award-winning actress, Nse Ikpe Etim, plays Zara in the movie. Mama is played by veteran actress Binta Ayo Mogaji. A host of outstanding actors also features in the movie, including veteran Uche Mac-Auley, Patrick ‘Rico Swavey’ Fakoya, Gregory Ojefua, Taiwo Solanke, Onyeka Fiaka, Adenike Ayodele, and so on.

Written, produced and directed by Sola Osofisan, “Over Her Dead Body” is a refreshingly hilarious spin on the mother-in-law vs. daughter-in-law story. The movie trailer is available online at this url:

“Over Her Dead Body” was recorded on location in Lagos in February 2020. Packaged by Pen Pusher Productions, a film and television content company based in Lagos, the movie is being released by Genesis, a Nollywood movie distribution giant.

It will be available in all major cinema houses in the country, beginning from January 7, 2022.

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