Oyo voters speak on their choice of candidate

“We are praying to God to let the person after His heart get there. I will vote for the candidate that I am pleased with in my heart.”

Miss Sewa Aderibigbe, fruit seller

I will vote according to my conviction. My opinion is that the election should be conducted in a way that it will be pleasing to the masses. They should do it such that there won’t be any partiality. Whoever God wants will be the one that will eventually wins the election at any level. It is whoever God has chosen for us. It is not until politicians begin to bribe.

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I hail from Ondo State, but I was registered in Ibadan, and I will vote in Ibadan.

For now, I don’t know who I will vote for yet. But we are praying to God to let the person after His heart get there. I will vote for the candidate that I am pleased with in my heart.

We human beings look at the face; it is only God that looks at the heart. When these political office seekers want you to vote for them, they will display worthy character that will leave you with no option than to vote for them. But they tend to change when they eventually get to the position. So, I am not going to look at the characters alone. But Almighty God that sees the face and knows the hearts of human beings should guide us to vote for the right person.

The government has tried. But there is no money. There is no job. What is the essence of going to school, hustling to succeed and after graduation, there won’t be any job for one?

Most of the commercial drivers you see on the road, there are graduates among them. Even me, I also went to higher institution. I studied Computer Science in a private polytechnic, though as at now, I only have National Diploma (ND) certificate.

But with current situation in the country, there is nothing that has motivated me to continue with my studies because when you graduate, where will you get the job to practise the course you studied?

So, the people that will come into political and public offices should know that it is very important for them to create employment opportunities.

If you are into trade, like I am doing by the roadside, and if the person seems to be too close to the road, the government should only help her to move back, not that they will seize her goods. You may not know that the goods are all she has to live on and feed her family.

Life has become very difficult, Okada rider

Mr. Sulaiman Olajide, a commercial motorcyclist at Bodija

I have been in this transport business for more than 20 years. Before I became an Okada rider, I was a trained butcher. But the business was not moving, coupled with hardship in town. There is no electricity supply at home, and there is no money. I could not feed my family with it and that is why I was forced into Okada business. Things have become too expensive in this country. How will a motorcycle be sold for more than N200, 000. It is unfair. It was less than N100, 000 when this government came in. Okada tyres have also become very expensive. We want government at the state and federal levels to assist us in making life more meaningful. All tiers of government should cooperate to move this country forward. We face a lot of challenges in this business. First, they should help us to talk to law enforcement agents
to stop extorting us, though the rate of extortion has reduced these days.

I cannot tell you the political party that I will vote for. Please, let me keep that to myself. I don’t want anybody to come and harass me when you publish my interview. All I want is that they should do the right thing. If it is Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), it is okay by me. If it is All Progressives Congress (APC), it is okay by me and if it is the new one, African Democratic Congress (ADC), it is also okay by me.

All I want is a party that will alleviate the suffering in the town.

I go to newspaper stands and listen to analyses of happenings in the political space of this country. If I know that a godfather imposed a particular candidate on a political party, that party will not enjoy my vote and that of my family. I consider it cheating for a candidate to be imposed. But I will choose the candidate that I will vote for among those that will emerge on merit. I will also tell my family members to vote in the same direction.

Haa! The president has spoilt so many things. It is the government that

made everything to be expensive in this country. The government closed the borders against fairly used tyres, and new tyres that are okay are too expensive. So, any president that promises to open the border to fairly used tyres and can reduce the price of motorcycles will enjoy my vote and that of my family. I will also campaign for him in our Okada union.

Ojo Adekunle, a Vulcaniser

I will prefer to vote for the political party that promises to open the borders to fairly used tyres for cars, motorcycles and tricycles. The closure of the borders against the fairly used tyres has hampered my work. It is not all fairly used tyres that are bad. I know that in abroad, some car owners would use tyres for just six months and would change them because they have money. There are some fairly used tyres that still have up to three years before they will expire. They are even better than some new tyres that are of inferior qualities.

Because of harsh economic situation in the country, many people cannot afford to buy new tyres that are of standard qualities. They would come to me, give me money to help them get Grade A fairly used tyres. I will make my own profit from it. Now many people cannot afford tokunbo tyres again. They have been coming to me to help them get ‘third hand’ tyres. Before the closure of the borders, some people would buy tokunbo tyres and used them for six months only and by another one. They would ask me to sell the ones they removed and I will make my profit from the sale. But now, motorists use their tyres to the extent that they will not be useful for anything again when they eventually remove them. It is only God that can save us in this country.

I heard that the president went to abroad sometime ago and said Nigeria youths are lazy. It How many employment opportunities has the administration created? May God guide us aright.

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