pizzy timlex's avatar

pizzy timlex · 15 hours ago
phyno nice I personally luv dix song

DONSIXCO's avatar

DONSIXCO · 16 hours ago
Phyno is my mentor. he is gifted. i will never forget

1 reply · active 16 hours ago


DONSIXCO's avatar

DONSIXCO · 16 hours ago

girl's avatar

girl · 3 days ago
bestest phyno video yet

Nna Okoro's avatar

Nna Okoro · 1 week ago
I never liked the song initially.. I guess with the video it is beginning to sink in.

Big Ups to Olamide for supporting his boy

2 replies · active 4 days ago


yungvitus 's avatar

yungvitus · 1 week ago
tunder wipe your mouth phyno is a man and not a boy he has been singing before olamide

Chika's avatar

Chika · 4 days ago
Thunder nwanne

Vince Da Invincible's avatar

Vince Da Invincible · 4 days ago
Wepu aka na ara, ara ga agba ndi ara___nice Jam, great video__me is loving err inch of dose street

dezmond's avatar

dezmond · 6 days ago
my connect tight

Blue blood Osifeso's avatar

Blue blood Osifeso · 1 week ago
Connect and Bobo are my songs for the year 2015. Men, this song is dope-Phyno killed it!!!!

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I swear
lolz…..jungle boi.#grt video

Igodo's avatar

Igodo · 1 week ago
nnaa ds song ebubagom

Marvel's avatar

Marvel · 1 week ago
Nice video

Kyeee's avatar

Kyeee · 1 week ago
Say no more…….Phyno knows the game so well and he has gat d Connect……….

onyi's avatar

onyi · 1 week ago
Phyno fino,am getting connected bro.ya no1 fan.

Zoro's avatar

Zoro · 1 week ago
Phyno gat the Connect…….Nice jam, Visuals 100#……..Xmas Jam…….

Cheals(Wado)'s avatar

Cheals(Wado) · 1 week ago
Correct jam
Hope this video will be dope…. We all know the playmaker is nt good in video…but I must thank him 4 a nice video #oringo… Just pray this connet will be great #downloading %60

ifyno's avatar

ifyno · 1 week ago
Alwax will be ur no 1 fan….phyno, olamide and my psquare

Dj younggy's avatar

Dj younggy · 1 week ago
Cool video
Pretty good video.
I’ve seen more appealing videos from Clarence, though.
Everything Vibely fresh…Visuals=100%….I see you the Play Maker himself,My Konnect!!

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