The Lagos State Police command has recovered 16 vehicles in different locations of the state.

The vehicles were either stolen from where they were parked or abandoned by their owners on the roads.

The police have, therefore, warned those who are looking for their missing vehicles to come up with their relevant documents to claim them as they would be auctioned after 14 days .

The police said: “At the Adekunle Division, Yaba, there are a Toyota bus with registration number, KTU 874 XJ; a Toyota Carina with number plate,  EPE 167 Cl; a Kia car with number, KE 339 KJA; a Volkswagen bus with number XV 533 LND; a  Hyundai car with number EKY 907 WG; a Ford Jeep with number, GGE  456 BT, and a Camry car with number plate, LSR 953 AE.

“Also, at Epe Division, there are Mercedes Benz SUV ML 430 with number plate, EPE 160 DQ; a Toyota Camry car with number, EPE 166 AC; a Mercedes Benz car, with registration number, BEN 879JL, and a Toyota Picnic with registration number, GGE 751 AT.

At Sagamu Road Division, Ikorodu, a Toyota Avensis car, with registration number, LND 323 BT; a Mitsubishi car with number, EP 831 FSR; a Toyota Camry car with registration number, JJJ  996 GN; a Toyota Previa bus, with registration TA 916 AAA, and a Mazda car with registration number, EH 785 GGE, while at Lion Building Division, Lagos, there is a mini bus popularly known as Korope.

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