From Noah Ebije, Kaduna
The Sultan of Sokoto and the President-General, Jama’atu Nasril  Islam (JNI), Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar,  has called on Nigerian Muslims to pray without ceasing against insecurity and other socio-economic challenges bedevilling the nation.
The Sultan gave the charge on the inception of the new Hijrah Calendar being celebrated by Muslims on Saturday, which was contained in a statement issued by the Secretary General of  JNI, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu.
“The Sultan of Sokoto and the President-General, JNI, calls on the Nigerian Muslims to please in the name of Allah, the Most High not to relent in supplicating to Allah for His intervention for an end to the myriads of challenges bedeviling Nigeria.
“It is very much apparent and indeed scary that if we are not humble before the Almighty Allah, an end to these nightmarish situations seems not insight, if happenings in the country are anything to go bye. The Sultan implores us all to dedicate special prayers against all the terrible conditions and other related hydra-headed calamities, such as; poverty, high cost of living and corruption.
“Similarly, with 2023 general elections fast approaching we need to also seek Allah’s apt intervention for stability, security, peace and development of Nigeria. As Muslims we must submit ourselves to Allah, especially that all efforts geared towards restoration of peace and order seems to defy solutions.
“We however reiterate our calls for the continuation of fervent prayer for a peaceful and smooth political transition and an end to the multiple socio-economic challenges in the country.
“The Sultan of Sokoto equally urges Nigerian Muslims to fast the Tasu’a and ‘Ashura fasting, which will fall on Sunday, 9th and Monday, 10thMuharram 1444AH (Sunday, 7th and Monday, 8th August, 2022) respectively.
“The observance of the voluntary fasting of Tasu’a and ‘Ashura which the Prophet (SAW) strongly enjoins Muslims to undertake, could be a potent tool for Muslims just like any other blessed act of the observance of Allah’s injunctions. The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) was reported to have said that: “The best fasting after Ramadan is in the month of Allah, Muharram” Transmitted by Muslim (1163). We should equally pray ceaselessly to Allah, the Most High during those two days and beyond.
“Consequently, the Nigerian Muslim Ummah is admonished to continuously seek Allah’s forgiveness, guidance and protection. Important qualities such as fear of Allah (SWT), resilience, perseverance, unity of purpose, planning and strategizing should be introspectively adhered to, as they are lessons drawn from the Hijrah of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) and his companions to the city of Madinah. May we all witness security, economic prosperity, stability, peace, law and order in Nigeria and the world at large”. The statement said.

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