From Gyang Bere, Jos
Former Senate President and presidential aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Bukola Saraki said he will bring to an end the ravaging security challenges in Nigeria if elected President in 2023.
He lamented that people in the North Central states, particularly Plateau State has suffered serial security challenges which has claimed several lives and properties.
Saraki disclosed this on Monday while addressing PDP delegates at the State Secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Jos, Plateau State.
“The security situation in the country is very bad and you in Plateau have had the share of it. We have lost our love ones, close relatives, close friends, properties and that cannot continue and by God grace it will not continue in 2023.
“Who is going to help us address that security situation, who better than one of us from the North Central? I assure you that I will do it come 2023.”
Saraki said he was a victim of injustice for four years as Senate President due to his stance and commitment to addressing the security situation in the country.
“The problem of insecurity in Nigeria has continued because there has been no accountability. People are doing things and nobody hold them accountable. I was Senate President for four years and we sat down with security agencies and came up with a roadmap to address the issue of insecurity but that report has not been implemented.
“If God want, that report will be implemented by one of us  from the North Central. I assure you with your support, with us working hard come May 2023, I will become President and I will put an end to insecurity in North Central and Nigeria.
“People will be held accountable to do what is right, I will not accept injustice, I have been a victim of injustice and persecution for four years, I know what injustice is all about.” He stated.
Saraki told the delegates that it is time for the North Central to provide leadership to Nigeria which is as cross road, saying the zone has worked in the pass to install people as President and said now is the time for pay back.
“We in the North Central have work hard, struggled and used our money to elect other people as President. Everybody who has been President under this great party has done so with the effort of us in the North Central and we have resolved that it is time for others to work for us in the North Central.
“It is time for us to be the one to lead this country, we said it time for us to have even for once a democratic elected President in the North Central and we have passed the resolution.” He stated.
Saraki said beside security, priority would also be given to the crumbling economy with a view to tackle poverty and make live meaningful and easier for average Nigerian.
Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Plateau State, Hon. Chris Hassan said Saraki has been instrumental to resolving the leadership crisis in Plateau.
He said it is apt for the North Central to produce the next President in 2023 and urged the delegates to make an informed choice to rebuild Nigeria.

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