Quality of decision determines success

A great decision is as good as dead if not implemented. If God had stopped after making the decision to create man, you and I would not exist today.

Ladi Ayodeji

Decision: This eight-letter word is like the trigger of a loaded gun, it may look small but it is yet powerful. The decisions we make have far-reaching consequences, even when we take them for granted. We take several decisions daily that determine the outcome in everything we do.

As you read this piece, I want you to realise that your birth was the result of decisions taken by your parents. If they had decided to abort you as a foetus, you would not have been born. So, life itself is a decision. The greatest decision ever taken in respect of mankind is recorded in these words spoken by God in the book of Gen 1:26, “Let us make man in our own image.” Another key component of decision is implementation.

A great decision is as good as dead if not implemented. If God had stopped after making the decision to create man, you and I would not exist today. This is why I have devoted the key factor of “implementation” to next week’s column. There are five major types of decisions we make that determine the quality of life we live. These decisions pertain to choices we make in respect of education, career, marriage, location and relationships. I have studied these subject with care and it is now very clear that education is absolutely fundamental to anyone’s quality of life whether they realise it or not. It is the fuel that shapes your life’s trajectory.

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If you miss out on education you would not be able to develop to your full potential. I am speaking to young folks now: get quality education by any legitimate means you can find. Someone has said education makes a person whole. That means you are an undeveloped entity if you are not educated, your progress would be very limited because there are few career choices open to you. Your progress is sort of stunted. If your parents send you to school, you are indeed a lucky chap, be grateful to them and make the most of the great opportunity. Many people are not so favoured.

Education makes you a universal man. It guarantees labour mobility. The greatest decision you can take is to get yourself educated to the best of your ability. But if you are not academically inclined, get basic education and learn some trade. Quality training in a vocation pays good dividends in life, like good education. There are many successful artisans all over the place. If you miss out on education as a kid, learn some trade like motor mechanics, electronics/electrical repairs, plumbing, painting, driving, hairdressing, fashion design, etc.

There are always ways in life for those who decide to succeed because success is a decision. It is a choice, in case you don’t know, you have read it here. Your career choice is determined by your education or training. If you are well grounded academically, you can do many things. Education and career are coterminous. They follow each other like siamese twins. For you to be a chartered accountant, you must have the right academic qualification. That goes for all the professions. You first acquire the degree or relevant qualifications, and train to qualify as an engineer, medical doctor, surveyor, pharmacist, pilot, teacher, journalist, lawyer, etc.

Marriage is probably the biggest challenge anyone could confront in life. The decision you make in choosing a life partner may determine your success or failure in life, even if you get it right in other areas. The choice of a spouse is a difficult decision, requiring divine intervention. When taking decisions on whom to marry, I would advice that you don’t do it all alone. Seek counsel from your parents, siblings, friends and other relatives as well as your pastor or marriage counsellor.

There are three dimensions of marriage: the spirit, soul and body. All of these must work in perfect harmony in both partners for a union to last. No marriage is crisis-free, it can hardly be, don’t be deceived. Marriage is not a bed of roses. You need wisdom and not only love to keep a marriage running successfully. Another key decision that affects your life is relationship with friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc.

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There are affiliations you have to terminate at some points in life when they become counterproductive. Not all relationships are good forever. Some are for a season. However, decide which relationship you want to keep, based on their relevance to your life per time. Expired friends, like outdated drugs, are very dangerous to your health. Finally, location: where you live, work or go are important to your success. If you live in an environment where you mix with progressive people, if you are wise, you would make progress. Have you wondered why some people go abroad and succeed? It has to do with environment. Where you are now might not be conducive to achieve your goals. So, relocate, if possible.

If you are in the right church, clubhouse or neighbourhood, you stand a better chance of making it. Rich folks live in secluded, choice locations away from the madding crowd, because they want to mix with like minds. Never stay in the wrong location. Weigh your options, check your outcomes in the way things are with you and then take a quality decision. It would serve you well.

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Weekend Spice:

“Men do you harm either because they fear you or because they hate you”

– Niccolo Machiavelli


• Ladi Ayodeji is an author, rights activist, pastor and life coach. He can be reached on 09059243004 (SMS and WhatsApp only)

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