Re: Why I killed my mum and had sex with her corpse

After killing his mum, the youth had sex with her corpse. Should Uncle native doctor tell me such a thing, would it not earn him another slap on his face?

Osondu Anyalechi

On October 8, 2018, the Sun Newspaper published the story of a boy of 18 years, who killed his mother and had sex with her corpse. He alleged that it was a native doctor that induced him to do that so that he would be rich. I do not know why he seemed to be blaming his business partner, the native doctor, for misleading him. Why is he now telling us this tall story? If it was true that a native doctor instructed him to do that, did he seek counsel before carrying it out?

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There is no doubt that native doctors might be telling their victims things to do, but this is not the issue. It is obeying them or not that matters. Was he compelled by the native doctor? The youth did what he wanted to do. Native doctors do not go around harassing people in their homes. Someone must go to them before they make their demands. Ndigbo say that it is a cock that brings out its legs before they are tied.

I remember how my uncle, Nath, was taken to a native doctor by his mum. Noticing the man’s gimmicks, he picked the consultation fee he had deposited at the man’s feet and left, amidst his mum as protest and plea. I do not know whether the fortune of native doctors has increased today. When I was young, and then an unbeliever, my mum would take me to them for the slightest pain I felt. As young as I was, I noticed that their houses were squalid and not attractive at all. I wonder what the youth saw in the native doctor he consulted that attracted him. They are, however, not our enemies. Like other professionals, under the law, they have the right of existence and also to practise their profession.

Think about it, a man, who lives in an apartment of one or two rooms, promising to make you rich! It is even painful that some of their victims live in more comfortable homes and ride more beautiful cars than most of them. It seems ridiculous that a native doctor may give you charms to excel in your degree examinations, when his child’s cheerless complaint all the years, concerning School Certificate or JAMB, has been the chorus, “It did not favour me”. Why can he not do the same magic for his child? Why should the West African Examination Council not issue his son excellent results, though he did not sit the examination or make his son to be appointed the Vice Chancellor of any of our universities, though he is not a graduate and he did not even apply?

Imagine a native doctor telling me to kill my mum! I will ask him how old his mum is. With a little pride in magnifying the potency of his charms, with which he has been protecting her, he may claim that she is eighty years. I will then ask him why he has not killed her, so that he will be rich. If he is very fortunate, I will leave his house without tossing some slaps on his face. Killing my mother! Killing the beautiful woman I was in her womb for nine months and she never complained! Each time I was sick, when I was young, she would wrap me with her entire body, pleading with the sickness to leave me and rather fasten its ugly fangs on her. That is the woman a native doctor will open his mouth to advise me to kill?

If I want to kill my mum, I wonder which part of her body I will hit first: her head, chest, belly, et cetera! My mum? My own mum? Is it the woman, who could starve to make sure that I ate? The meat might not go round sometimes and she would give my dad and me and ate nothing. Is she not the woman, who sold her box of gold to pay my school fees? Many times, I did wrong things and my dad would have dealt with me but she would conceal such from him. If I was sick and a native doctor told her that I would be well if she ate a handful of my shit, my mum would do that gladly and nobody would hear it. Is she the woman I would kill?

If it was true that a native doctor told him to kill his mum, why should he obey him? Has he obeyed his mum in all the good things she taught him, such as praying, reading the Bible, going to Church, et cetera? When he was inflicting the mortal wounds on her, she must have been surprised and in great pain and agony, would have called him by his name. When she realized that he was determined to kill her, she might have said, “Nwa m, o gagh a diri gi nma”, that is, “My son, it will not augur well with you”. And so it shall be, unless he repents and is born-again, otherwise, he will go to hell fire, irrespective of what the judiciary will do with him.

The reason for the boy killing his mother is even painful – money! Is money more important than a mum? What is the use of money to me, if my mum is not alive to enjoy it with me? If I am rich, who would be dancing around our compound in her mother-like steps? Who would be calling me lovely names and mean it? Can money do the work of a mum? Can money be praying for me? Can money encourage me? Can money call me to order when I am off tangent?

After killing his mum, the youth had sex with her corpse, his own Mama! Should Uncle native doctor tell me such a thing, would it not earn him another slap on his face? I would have asked him if he had had sex with his mum. Imagine a boy pulling off his mum’s pant! God forbid bad thing! Could anything be more crazy? Medical doctors may not even do that during treatment unless in an emergency situation. Pulling off my mum’s pant! If I did that in the dream, would I not undergo dry fasting for days? How could a man have sex with his mum, and worst still, with her corpse? Should the sight of the corpse of one’s mum, not induce him to faint?

On the other hand, this youth might be a drug addict. He might have thought that if he told us that he was obeying the instruction of a native doctor, it would attract our sympathy. The hidden truth might be that he requested money from his mum, which he would use for hard drugs and she did not oblige him and under the influence of the drugs, he killed her.

Even then, there are some limitations to what hard drugs can cause. I have not heard that someone, under its influence, has gone to report himself at the Police station. I think that they still do their utmost to avoid being arrested. I have not heard of an addict, who, under its influence, started to trek from Nigeria to England or to the US until someone called him to order. They still enter planes. I am not aware of any staff of any organization, under the influence of hard drugs, forgetting to collect his salary from his employer. If the effect of drugs still does not preclude one’s conduct in certain areas of one’s life, nobody can claim, therefore, that it was drugs that made kill his mum and have sex with her corpse.

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