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The Director General of Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Joseph Ari said imbibe and embracing reading culture among staff has made the fund relevant in providing trending skills for Nigerians.

He encouraged staff to cultivate the culture of reading to help the institution realize its vision of being among the best Human Resource Development Organization in the world.

Ari disclosed this on Monday during an occasion to mark the 14th Library week, with a theme: Library Matters: Building a reading culture” held at the ITF Headquarters, Jos, Plateau State.

Ari, who was represented by the Director of Information and Communication Technology, Mr. Dickson Onuha urged Nigerians to visit ITF library and read books that will develop individuals thoughts, cognitive mental stimulation and help with depression and dysthymia among others

“For ITF to sustain the momentum of growth, increasing relevance and its positioning as a leader in the ever changing and fast-paced knowledge economy in Nigeria, we must embrace and imbibe a strong reading culture otherwise, our vision of aspiring to be among the best in the world will not be fully realized.

“This is because organizations that embrace a reading culture build creative and innovative teams that set the tone for development in their sector. A reading organization is basically a learning organization that will remain ever relevant because they are able to adopt to any change in the environment that is occasioned by either technology or policies of government.”

He encouraged staff and Nigerians to make reading part of their daily life as the effort help in addressing cases of depression.

“I must stress that reading is not only for organizational growth alone, but also for individual benefit as it aids in developing the individual’s thoughts, cognitive mental stimulation and brain exercising, vocabulary and knowledge expansion, stress and tension relief and helps with depression and dysthymia among others.”

He explained that ITF as the leading Human Resource Development Organization in Nigeria with wide ranging mandate to provide , promote and encourage the acquisition of skills, the Fund is expected to be ahead in the field in the discovery of new and trending skills, information and knowledge.

“We have a library that can boast of being one of the best in Plateau State. I urge you to visit our library and I assure you that you will find interesting books and other educational resource that will be worth your while.”

The Director of Research and Curriculum Development, Mr. Zacharia Piwuna said the department was to create a reading culture for staff to enable them add value towards realizing the mandate of ITF.

“I urge all of you to imbibe and embrace reading culture to that you can add knowledge to yourselves and to the society and to place ITF on an enviable height.”

He noted that some individuals have been identified as readers Ambassadors who will champion a reading culture in all departments in the institution.

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