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An estate developer, Osokoya Adewale Morenikeji, has called on the Ogun State Government to involve community leaders and traditionalists in its efforts to rid the estate of the menace of land grabbers.

He added that the involvement of the community no leaders and traditionalists will enhance Alternative Dispute Resolution on matters that arise from land issues.

Osokoya, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Celebrity City Estate, made this call at the stakeholders meeting with community leaders and traditionalists in Odogbolu, the headquarters of the Odogbolu local government area of Ogun State.

He explained that the meeting had become imperative considering the usefulness of land in the economic development of any nation.

While narrating his sad personal experience with some land grabbers, which led to losing his two legs, Osokoya lamented that many lives had been lost and properties destroyed as a result of the activities of land grabbers who daily unleash mayhem on innocent souls.

“We have come to discuss how we can involve our community leaders in ways to resolve disputes arising from land matters through an alternate dispute resolution model.

“This is one of several different processes used to resolve disputes between parties, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law, and litigation”, he said.

He stresses that monarchs, village heads and traditionalists should be carried along before a prospective real estate developer or anybody go into any negotiation over the purchase of land.

According to him, “If these people are involved, when any issue arises from the transactions, they will be readily available to defend and speak out”.

Speaking on Celebrity City Estate, Osokoya said the estate is aimed at redirecting the aspirations of Nigerian youths by immortalizing credible achievers, by naming streets, gardens, parks, and recreation centers after exemplary Nigerians.

“The Estate, covering over 1,000 acres within Arepo and Ishawo in Sagamu local government area of the state, has a long list of Nigerian legends, both living and deceased, whose achievements in various fields such as sports, entrepreneurship, education, industry, politics, and security services, among others, are seen as capable of inspiring human capacities development in profitable ventures and redirecting the energies of the youths from criminal activities”, he noted.

He then called in the community leaders to see the project as a way of ensuring a better way of life for the people.

Speaking, the Tami of Odogbolu, Leke Oludipe thanked the estate developer for the move, noting that alternative dispute resolution has been an effective way of solving major and minor issues without creating bias.

Oludipe who is also the Obanire of Ijebuland said conflicts arising from matters can effectively be resolved through the help of traditional and community leaders, including monarchs, Baale, Oloja(Alagemo), Oloritun, family head, family youth leaders and family members

“The issue of land is best resolved by traditional means, thereby creating no cheating. The chiefs know the story of every community, so traditionalists must be carried along.

He said as one of the arbitrators, he had helped in solving over 30 major issues about land matters alone since the beginning of this year.

“Before the modern law system, Alternative Dispute Resolution had found its root in many traditional societies before and after civilization. Different societies and traditions had their means or ways of solving disputes”. Oludipe submitted.

He, however, said, “for any economic development, there must be peace. When there is a crisis, the economy won’t be developed, that’s why we must allow peace to reign in all land dealings”.

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