Reasons for writing my polygamy series (2)

My second reason for writing the series was the frightening experience I had on January 13, 2007 when I and two others offended the Ancient of Days…

Sina Adedipe

In last week’s column I stated that my second reason for penning the series was to save from God’s punishment the clerics and other Christians who preach that He, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit told them that polygamy is sinful. I am doing this for two reasons. The first is that as someone the Heavenly Father speaks with one–to–one I know that as it is written in the Bible in Psalm 56:8 and Revelations 13:8 that there is a Book of Life for everyone in heaven. And like other people that the wrongdoing of the anti–polygamy pastors who engage in false preaching are being recorded for repercussion in the hereafter.

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The Lord confirmed this to me in December 1993 when He told me during our discussion that an Angel had just informed Him about something in my Book of Life. It was about a story I carried in 1988 when I was the Editor of the Sunday Concord on the fraud and assassination executed in a company in Ikeja, Lagos that produced alcoholic drinks.

The Heavenly Father said a retired officer of the firm was killed in 1988 when we carried the story, because they suspected him as the person who leaked the information to us. The Lord said they delayed my elimination and that of the reporter who wrote the story so as not to open themselves up for suspicion and arrest.

Six years later, they decided to deal with us early in 1994 since nobody would link them up with our death, as I stopped being an Editor in May 1989. That was how the Lord saved me and the crime reporter, Folorunso Isola, who is now late.

My second reason for writing the series was the frightening experience I had on January 13, 2007 when I and two others offended the Ancient of Days and that the anti–polygamy preachers need to know the dire consequences that await them in the hereafter for lying that the Lord, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit told them multiple–marriage is sinful. This was about the appeal we made to the Supreme Being that it was thirteen years He made a promise to bless us and that the time was long enough for Him to fulfill His pledge to us.

I wrote about this in this column in 2011 and made reference to it a few months ago on how frightening the experience was. Given the high–tone vibrating manner the Ancient of Days, who is normally soft-spoken and very tolerant chastised us, with the ground shaking and soldier ants suddenly appearing, covering and biting our legs and hands where we knelt.

The Lord made us fast and to pray for nine days to be forgiven. It was the day He told us Job’s sufferings in the Holy Bible lasted thirty years and asked us what was our thirteen years compared with duration and magnitude of his ordeal. Eleven years later, our test of faith and waiting for the fulfillment of the promise is still on in 2018.

If we did not offend against any of His laws and rules in the Bible and the Most High reacted the way He did, anti–polygamy pastors who tell lies with His name and make some to violate His order and that of Jesus Christ on divorce and others who commit other sins, should imagine the woes that await them in the hereafter.

As stated in last week’s column, the Heavenly Father has no law in the Old Testament that prohibits a man from marrying more than one wife. He did not condemn anybody for it, nor punished anyone for being a polygamist. Rather He gave rules to a man with two wives in Exodus 21:10 – 11 and Deuteronomy 21:15 – 17 on how to treat his spouses and their children. Jesus Christ and the Apostles also did not preach against multiple-marriage in the New Testament.

The only people enjoined in the Christian Holy Book to be monogamists are a king and a bishop or church elder. These are in Deuteronomy 17:17 where the Lord said: “Neither shall the king multiply wives unto himself,” (King James Version) and in 1 Timothy 3:1 – 2 where Apostle Paul said: “A bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife…”

Given the fact that God has no law prohibiting all men from having more than one wife, how can any pastor say it is a sin for someone who is not a king or bishop or church elder to be polygamous? In other words, anti–multiple–marriage clerics are lying when they claim that it was the Lord who told them to preach what they said. They are therefore committing sin and for which they would be punished.

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To be continued next Wednesday with how many a priest disobey the Lord on divorce.


Phenomenal matriarch of the Adedipes, Falaes, Ade-Ojos & others (24) – 19 – Doctor offspring

As is the case with two lawyers in our family, late Honourable Alexander Adedipe, the Majority Leader in the Ondo State House of Assembly (1979 – 82) and Chief Ifedayo Adedipe (SAN), having children who are barristers, so do we have two medical doctors, a female and a male, who also have physician offspring. These are Professor (Mrs.) Adefunke Oyemade, the first Akure–born woman medical practitioner whose daughter, Adenike and son Adegboyega Oyemade, are doctors. The other one is United States–based Dr. Adebowale Adedipe whose daughter Adefunke Adedipe is also a consultant in general medicine in America.

We also have female members of our clan who are married to medical doctors who also have children who are in the profession. Lady Adebimpe Ugoji, Msc, Bsc Mathematics, a former Director–General (Permanent Secretary) and later Commissioner for Finance in Imo State (1990 – 91) married to Dr. Uche Ugoji has a son (Amanze) and a daughter, Delu who are physicians.

Ditto Mrs. Adewunmi Mosadomi, a retired Chief Matron at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Idi–Araba, the spouse of Osogbo–born Professor Yemi Mosadomi. Their daughter, Mrs. Moyo Ajala and their son Adedeji Mosadomi are medical doctors.

Like Professor Oyemade and Mrs. Mosadomi other children of our dad, late High Chief Josiah Orisabinu Adedipe, the 13th Elemo of Akure (1959 – 72), also have offspring who are medical doctors. They include Mrs. Adebola Adejoro, a retired Chief Matron, State Hospital, Akure whose son Oluwakayode Adejoro practices in the United States and Mrs. Kehinde Oloka, a retired Chief Matron, Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital, Ile–Ife whose son Oluwafemi Oloka is a medical practitioner.


To be continued next week


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