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Secretary to the Edo State Government, Osarodion Ogie Esq, yesterday, said the pruning down of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies in the state from 105 to 72 was not to witch-hunt any workers but to cut down cost of governance.

He disclosed this while briefing reporters on the recent change that has occurred in the state’s civil service.

He said “the ministries were reduced from the initial 22 to 18 while MDAs were also reduced from 105 to 72, which is over 25 percent. It our expectations that the percentage reduction would also impact positively on governance”

Represented by the Head of Service Mr Anthony Okungbowa said “the rationalisation would not result in mass sack, it was not targeted at sacking workers or commissioners.

“The governor has said he would not sack any body because lots of things are going in the service of the state that need the services of the people”

“So, it is not to ensure that people leave or exited the system but to ensure that things work effectively and efficiently. It also targets the duplication of activities that have been in the system”.

“What has been happening is that, there has been duplication of ministries and MDAs, as we have two or three of them doing the same job when one can conveniently do, so we are cutting down governance by asking one ministry or MDA to do the work”

He said “it is our expectations that every local government would get a commissioner, and government has also established the office of the Special Duties to be headed by Commissioner and Permanent Secretary. So, no commissioner would be sacked”

He said the state government reduced the ministries and MDAs to also reduce the cost of governance noting that it is no longer sustainable to fund the bogus ministries and MDAs due to paucity of fund,

“Government desirous of reducing the cost of governance considerably, and even if there surplus fund, government would not waste it because we have lots of competing needs and the money would be directed towards providing social amenities for the people” he said.

When asked if such sledge hammer would also fall on the large number of SSAs with the view of reducing cost of governance, Ogie said it left for the governor and his deputy to decide on what to do with them adding that as at now, no comment has been made in that regard.

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