From John Adams, Minna

As the move by some Presidential Aspirants under the platform of the People Democratic Party (PDP) from the North geopolitical zone of the country to come up with a Consensus Presidential Candidate for the zone suffers major setback, former senate president and one of the Aspirants for the 2023 general election, Dr. Bukola Saraki has declared that he is ready for May 29 Presidential Primary election of the party.
Dr. Bukola Saraki acknowledged that though the Presidential Aspiration is an individual desire, every individual, he pointed out has his own decision to make and therefore has no ill feelings about those who have different opinion about the out come of the northern elders decision.
Speaking to newsmen in Minna, the Niger state capital shortly after meeting with the Niger state PDP delegates at the party secretariat, the former Kwara state governor however disclosed that he, as an individual, has accepted in good faith the decision of the northern elders.
“It is an individual desire, everybody has his own decision to make, I as an individual I have accepted it in good faith the decision they have make and am ready to forge ahead”.
Saraki who was full of praises for the elders statesmen who participated in the process for their time and sacrifice, stated that ¬†“In the first place we were the ones that went to them to seek for their participation, they never asked for it we decided on our own because we feel we can’t do it alone which they have done.
“We thank them for their patriotism and the sense of unity for this country”, declaring that “whatever is the out come, I am ready for the primary election of the party”.
Addressing the delegates earlier, the Presidential Aspirant told them that though he will not be a sectional, religious or ethnic President if elected, 2023 he insisted, should be the turn of the North Central geopolitical zone to produce the next president for the country.
“We in the North Central have work hard for others to be president of this country, it is now time for others to work for us to make us president of this country. This will be the first time that the zone will have a democratically elected president in this country”.
While expressing the urgent need to rescue the country from the current mirage of problems confronting it as a nation, Saraki reminded the delegates that “the project is not for me alone, it is not about Bukola Saraki alone, it is about the entire North Central and Nigeria”.
He argued that never in the history of this country that the people are faced with the current high level of Insecurity, poverty and hunger, adding that “today Nigerians can not travel on road, in the air and on the rail freely, promising that if voted into power, he will put a stop the current Insecurity in the country.
“We must change this country for better, we must rescue it, we must rebuild it, and to do that you need a President that understands the economy, you need a President that can unite the county and not divide it, a President that is bold, energetic and can work 24 hours”
The Chairman of PDP in the state, Mallam Tanko Beji who agreed with the Presidential Aspirant on the need to allow the North Central geopolitical zone to produce the next president in 2023, said the aspiration of Saraki is so dear to the zone, adding that “you are our own and we will not leave alone in this project”.
He said Nigeria is not a banana republic where everybody will wake up and say he wants to be the president of country even when they can not walk.

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