From Laide Raheem, Abeokuta

A governorship aspirant on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State, Segun Sowunmi, has vowed to probe and prosecute those who have governed the state and plundered its resources if elected governor come 2023.

He specifically declared that he would ensure that looters are jailed, asking people of the state to ensure he is jailed, if he involves in the embezzlement of public fund as an elected governor.

Sowunmi equally expressed worry over the debt profile of Ogun, saying it would require a new administrator to renegotiate the debt.

The PDP governorship aspirant who was spokesperson for the PDP Presidential candidate in 2019 election, spoke at his Abeokuta residence, Ogun State, during Iftar (breaking of Ramadan fast) with journalists in the state, on Tuesday.

Sowunmi boasted that he remains the best aspirant his party can present to defeat the incumbent governor in 2023.

While lamenting that the state, despite its abundant natural and human resources is lagging behind, he said he would ensure a paradigm shift in government policies to ensure a vibrant economy, good security system, quality but affordable education and healthcare system.

Sowunmi, who said he joined the gubernatorial race in order to inspire the youth and bring about desired changes to governance, disclosed that he would run a decentralized government, if he is given the mandate to govern Ogun.

He said “I’m chasing immortality by the policies and programmes that we will run here. And if one day you find me a thief, jail me, because I will jail those who have stolen before me.

“Let nobody be deceived, I’m not asking to lead Ogun so that we can pamper ourselves. No!

“Government business is a sacred trust which you hold on behalf of all the collectives.

“This is Ogun. The vast majority of people living here are bona-fide citizens of this place whose parents are the owners of this land. You can not be in charge of our land, assets, taxes and goodwill, and all you will do is to steal and they will not probe you? You must be joking”. He stated.

He, however, also declared that the gubernatorial election in the state can never be for the highest bidder, rather there should be issue-based campaigns on how to fix the state and inspire the younger generation.

“Ogun can never be for the highest bidder. It has never been for the highest bidder. It will never be for the highest bidder.

“We are noble people. We just don’t think that you should be throwing your weight around. We are not people that are coming to you with money. We are people of parents who have given us pedigree who have shown us hard work, values and insisted on us that it can be done.

“I’m interested in leading Ogun so that we may do three things. If we win, go and start a new deal. Whatever it is that they are limping on, called Obafemi Awolowo’s model needs to be rewritten, extended and redesigned.

“How do you explain that you can’t find Igbo people begging for money and it is Awolowo’s children littering the place doing “Babiya Allah”, a thing that was alien to our grandparents. Our grandparents didn’t really go to school, but do any of you have a recollection of your grandparents running up and down in the streets, begging for money? So, it means our model is not working. If our model is working, why are our people poor”? He added.

Sowunmi, who accused the state government of paying lip service to security, education and development issues in the state, disclosing he would ensure biometric capturing of residents to assist in easy identification of culprits each time an offence is committed for diligent prosecution, if elected to lead the state.

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