Sallah: Dishes that made the difference in Zaria

“These dishes are served not just to entertain or to fill the stomach, but marks of honor and respect for the home where they are served”

Abdullahi Hassan, Zaria

Although this year’s Eid Kabir celebration has come and gone, the memories of many great dishes that were served, fresh and hot, by many Muslim families in Zaria, Kaduna State, continue to linger on. Despite the biting economic situation, families were able to get around the times and serve their members and friends with mouth-watering delicacies.

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“In Hausa tradition, some dishes are considered more suitable and special for an occasion like Sallah,” Daily Sun was told. “These dishes are served not just to entertain or to fill the stomach, but marks of honor and respect for the home where they are served,” said the source.

Hajiya Zuwaira Ibrahim, a housewife, remarked that the Eid Kabir was a memorable event: “We prepared and ate tuwan shinkafa, served with miyan taushe (tomatoes soup) to our guests. Tuwon shinkafa is one of the most delicious cuisines not only in North but beyond. It reflects our own culture.

“It is prepared with soft rice. Even if it is short grain rice, it must be soft. Water should be enough to prepare the food. It is simple to prepare. It delights one a great deal to serve a meal and be appreciated.”

The family of Alhaji Ibrahim Musa Fagachi could not afford a ram. But were they less happy this Sallah? No! They prepared the best with which their earnings could fetch. They made up for the absence of a ram in so many ways. They treated their guests with delicious masa.

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Mother of the family, Hajia Binta, said: “Though, we are not rich enough this Sallah but we thank Almighty God, we made masa or waina, ate some and gave out some to our neighbors.

“Masa or waina is one of the most appreciated Hausa recipes. It looks somehow like puff-puff, but there is a slight difference between the two dishes. We also prepared miyan taushe (vegetable soup) and spiced it up with ginger drinks.”

Special Sallah dishes

For Baba Yuguda, in spite of his inability to get his salary for the Sallah celebrations, the festival could not be any better than what it was. His wife, Hajia Kilishi, a classroom teacher, said:

“Though, we didn’t have money to buy ram, we bought a large quantity of meat and used it for the preparation of dagede soup (dry tomatoes soup) and sinasir. Sinasir is not very common in the North, but is very popular among Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri.

Hajiya Halima Hassan is a staff nurse, housewife and mother. She recalled: “The Sallah was good, there was a lot of meat. Like every other family, we were able to slaughter cook and use the occasion to pray.

“Honestly, we sacrificed a ram and shared the Dambu Nama with it after given out a portion to our neighbors who could not buy a ram.

“Dambu Nama is one of the delicious take-away to offer somebody for the Sallah celebrations. It is common and simple to prepare. It is the real Northern Nigeria delicacy, one that every northerner or Nigerian should try to taste.”

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