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The Senate Minority Whip, Senator Chukwuka Utazi, has said he will continue to work round the clock to ensure that the people of Enugu North he represents benefits from the affordable health facilities programme of the Buhari administration.

The request was conspicuous in the order paper after Summer break at a makeshift chamber Plenary on Tuesday, September 20.

Enugu North represents a third of the population of Enugu State, yet has no federal health facilities to take care of the health needs of the entire population.

Senator Utazi, who was present among other Principal Officers at the makeshift Chamber in the Senate building Tuesday, reaffirmed commitment to ensure that he achieve the feet before bowing out in 2023.

“Apart from the Senate committee on health, I would like other Nigerians to visit the entire Enugu North and I assure you that the findings about the present of the Federal Government health Facilities will marvel you. We all know that Nsukka hosts the University of Nigeria where students from different states seek for future yet, they travel out of the vicinity in desperate search for secondary health facilities. I think there is no going back in this requests and we hope it shall come in time because we are not leaving any stone unturned,” Senator Utazi said.

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The senator further revealed that in the Order Paper is a report of the Committee on Health (Secondary and Tertiary), on the Establishment of Federal Medical Center, Obukpa, in Enugu North which he effortlessly has sponsored.

Senator Utazi enjoined people of Enugu North to ensure that quality representatives is maintained in the National Assembly, just as the winds down on his stay in the Red Chamber.

Utazi, who said that quality representation remains a better way of working towards the aspirations of the people said that politicians who does not have what it takes to perform parliamentary duties, should not be voted in.

“We shall continue to work round the clock to ensure quality representation of the good people of Enugu North Senatorial District, the people must not vote in people who lack the knowledge of parliamentary duties. I can tell you categorically that executive duties are quite different from parliamentary duties for your information. We should please be guided not to loose out entirely,” he stated.

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