Some of our policy guidelines are misleading

No policy is an end itself but a means to an end. In other words, policy guidelines are meant to achieve set goals, and in some instances control what people are thinking and doing.

Government must first and foremost quantify what needs to be done in tackling different sectors of our economy.

Otherwise it will not be capable of measuring criticism or applause where necessary. Besides, the yardstick to measure growth will be inhibited.

Some departments do not qualify any work that needs to be done. Quantification should come first before policy guidelines that would serve as checks and balances.

In some instances, we have some tin gods in government who are suffering from “too big to fail syndrome.” They prefer propaganda to good governance. They measure performance with shrinking ruler. We need men of stature, discipline, character and integrity to sit on a roundtable to quantify the pressing needs of Nigeria, in different sectors of our economy, and not men whose stock in trade is business as usual.

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Food production, for example, if the federal government wants the price of plantain to go down by well over 50 percent, all that is required is to identify existing plantain producing states and prospective producing states by calling the attention of professionals and stakeholders in the field of plantain production. Thereafter the professionals and stakeholders would brainstorm on the available land in each state for plantain plantation, production constraints, brand and quantity to be planted and the best technology that would support growth and harvesting period. Set targets for each state and price to be won by existing and prospective producers. Before long or within a short space of time all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria will be flooded with edible plantain.

Use the same or slightly different patterns for other agricultural produce in the country. Policy guidelines that would encourage healthy competition and good results are what most Nigerians look forward to cherishing.


► Godwin N Eneje, a marketing consultant, wrote from Ngwo in Enugu North LGA, Enugu State, 08035748632

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