…. Tasks voters on anti-graft commitment from politicians

Uche Henry 

The Socio- Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) had charged citizens to demand anti-graft corruption commitment from politicians seeking their votes before electing those to represent them at all levels of governance. 

Speaking at a pre-election Public Education and Enlightenment workshop organised by SERAP, on February 1, at Ikeja, Lagos, Dr. Dele Seteolu, who reeled out SERAP’s five-point anti -corruption commitment said the political class and candidates have jettisoned the real issues that should be the centre of campaigns; to pursue witch-hunting and inconsequential matters. 

The five-point commitment, which are: judicial corruption; power sector corruption; removal of immunity clauses from the president, governors and deputy governors; establishment of special anti-corruption courts and abolishment of security votes, must be given paramount attention. 

Dr. Seteolu charged the civil populace to sponsor private member bills to end security votes and immunity clauses shielding president, governors and deputy governors. He also stressed that the establishment of anti-corruption courts, as proposed by SERAP, is long overdue. 

“These five-point commitments must be made by all political candidates if Nigeria must get out of its grave condition, and we must start from de-politisation and re-professionalisation of the Judiciary, to mediate the intrusion of corrupt influences,” he stated.

On his part, presidential candidate of KOWA party, Fagbero Byron, suggested creation of a Ministry of Anti-Corruption and added that if impunity is not fought head-on, “the monster would still rear its head.” 

In his reaction, presidential candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), Tope Fashua, represented by Leo Godman, noted that the PDP and APC have no solution to Nigeria’s problems, and that they lack ideas of fixing the country’s challenges. 

“PDP and APC cannot fix Nigeria because old brains cannot fit into modern age; we need technology-driven leaders not recycled politicians,” he stressed. 

Professor Yemi Oke added his voice and moved for a change of the 1999 Constitution.

“Corruption thrives because the system allowed it. On security challenges in particular, we need to review our National Defence Policy…”

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