Teachers In Abia State Begins Indefinite Strike

As the new year begins and secondary and primary School all over the country resume last Monday being 9/01/2017,it is a different scenario in Abia State as teachers has refuse to resume work until their outstanding salaries and areas are paid.

According to our source who pleased anonymous , said that government has promise to pay the back loads of salaries and areas of 5 months from the recent release funds from the Paris club  amounting N10.6 bil­lion which Abia State Govern­ment has confirmed receiving last December from the Feder­al Government, being the state’s share of the Paris Club refund.
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Abia govt confirms receipt of N10.6bn Paris Club refund

According to the Governor spoke person on media Mr. Uchenna Emezuo and the Chairman of Nigeria La­bour Congress (NLC), Comrade Uchenna Obigwe , the governor has meet with the NLC in the state to fast track the disbursement of the funds by banks to clear the workers salaries in the state before work resume January 2017. But all effort to get the government and the banks to meet up with the agreement they made was not futile  .

The governor spoke person Mr. Uchenna Emezuo has come on media to claimed, the reason why the workers has not receive their paycheck was because of the delay from the banks in charge .He allege  that banks sometimes has a tendency of delaying the quick release of such money in other to make profit  from it.
He also said that the NLC in the state should hold the banks responsible if by Monday evening and Tuesday they have not start getting alert .


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