The Authority of the believer [3]

A believer can rebuke someone and it will come to pass and this is why Christians have overdose of tolerance, no matter the height of the provocation.

Osondu Anyalechi

The Lord Jesus was sleeping in a boat, one day, when He and His disciples were travelling. A mighty storm started to rage. Satan could be bold as much. It would have been a different story if Jesus was not there. If Satan could strike, when our Lord was around, what would he not do, when He is not? If that is our lot, the major issue, sadly, will be on who sent it. May God have mercy on our step mum if she and our mum are at loggerheads.

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She will be the witch! May God also have mercy on that old woman in our compound with a dark face! Is she not the witch that sent it? Jesus did not bother on that. He rebuked the storm. “Peace, be still,” He said and it obeyed Him. It will also obey us, if we rebuke it in His name.

Satan is known to be waging wars against God’s children. We are not to fear him, so long as we are sure that we are God’s children. Something ‘good’ about Satan is that he obeys our commands. Anyway, he has no choice! He cheats believers, who do not know their right, or if they have lost their relationship with God. This can be restored immediately by pleading for His mercy, and confessing the sin committed.

Uncle Smith Wigglesworth was reputed to be sleeping and the noise the demons were making woke him up. He looked around and saw them. He sighed and went back to sleep, muttering, “Is that you?” Authority! Most of us might not sleep again, and will turn the night to a vigil, pleading the blood of Jesus! There is, nothing wrong, however, with that but it is better to exercise our authority and enjoy our sleep.

In Antioch, Barnabas and Paul were commissioned for missionary work. In Paphos, they met a magician, Barjesus bad in name and character, whose sin had risen to crescendo. He was dissuading Sergius Paulus, the Deputy Governor, from believing God’s Word. Paul rebuked him, telling him that he would be blind for a season. The Deputy Governor was watching, knowing the magician to be a man with great power. God’s powers met with satanic power, and the ‘great’ magician bowed, becoming blind immediately, clinching the argument in the mind of Sergius Paulus, who to believe: the Living God or the gods of Barjesus – Acts 13:11-12.

Elijah told King Ahab, who dumped God for Baal, that there would be no rain in the land because of his evil deeds. God, foreseeing what Ahab would do to him, sent him into hiding in a brook. He fed him through the ravens and when the brook dried up, He catered for him through a widow and fed also the widow and her son. God used him in raising the woman’s son, when he died. At the fullness of time, God told him to go and meet Ahab. There, he met Obadiah, Ahab’s servant, and told him, “Go, tell thy lord, behold, Elijah is here”. Obadiah was frightened out of his wits. To carry such a message was, to him, suicidal, believing that Elijah would disappear and the king would kill him for giving him a false message. He impressed upon the Prophet’s mind that he, like him, was a child of God. He narrated the various places the king had searched for him to kill him. Elijah assured him that he would meet Ahab. And he did! When they met, he took over the leadership. Ahab became bashful and disdainful, and was even sent on errand by Elijah, in summoning all Israel for him to address them. Ahab submitted. Authority!

Sickness, death, in fact, nothing scares a child of God. When Sister Dorcas died, brethren refused to accept it. They sent for Peter, who was in Joppa, to come and raise her. The widows’ emotions were high, recounting to him, the great things she had been doing for them. The same manner in which Jesus raised the dead daughter of Jairus in Mark 5:41, Peter said, “Tabitha, arise”. And she did! Acts 9:40.

David could not withstand the insult to the Living God of General Goliath, the mighty giant of Gath. Goliath’s body built was intimidating and so was his armour. His problem was that, as young as David was, he was not seeing what was in him, Goliath, that other soldiers – of Philistine and Israel-including King Saul, were seeing. To David, he was nobody, but an uncircumcised man, and for defying the armies of God, he would soon be like the lions and bear he had killed. David was sure and he even told Goliath that the battle was the Lord’s. Knowing his authority, though an idle civilian, by military ranking he moved towards the giant, not minding his high hectoring voice as other soldiers, including Saul, were in hiding! He killed him with his catapult, and having no sword, he ‘borrowed’ Goliath’s own, to cut off his head!

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The land I bought was becoming a real albatross to me, when a man told me that it included one plot of his father’s land. To allow peace to prevail between him and the family, I gave him the plot of land. When the family heard it, they objected, and he left the land. Not long after, we saw juju fastened on one of the trees and a huge dead snake inside a bottle. We prayed and moved on. When we were fencing the land, a passerby shouted in jubilation, revealing what he might have heard about the land. The son of the Engineer, handling the fencing, was bereft of speech when someone told him with great profundity that the work would soon stop, relying on the juju they put there. We laughed, remembering God’s promise to us, “No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper and any tongue that rises against you in judgment, you condemn”. My wife and I applied our authority as believers, and thank God, we finished the fencing.

A lady, relying on her juju, boasted that a certain woman would be mad. The bad news for her was that she was fighting God unknowingly since the woman is a child of God. The woman laughed when she was told. Jesus taught the Pharisees a great lesson about the status of a woman they were angry because He healed her on a Sabbath day. “Don’t you know she is the daughter of Abraham?” He told them. Our relationship with God is our authority and also defence.

From the above, we can see that God defends His children, even when they are just praising Him, as it was with Paul and Silas. A believer can rebuke someone and it will come to pass and this is why Christians have overdose of tolerance, no matter the height of the provocation. When we bless someone, he is blessed. When we rebuke the devil or sickness, healing is manifested. If nothing happens, we should not be bothered, so long as the hedge is not broken. The battle is the Lord’s. Let us allow Him to fight for us.

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