The Deplorable State Of Ikwuano -Ikot-Ekpene Road

 Bad condition of umuahia Ikwuano -Ikot Ekpene Road

 I once made a journey from Umuahia Abia State Capital City to Akwa-Ibom State , is was a bad experience considering the kind of stress the transporters and passengers go through alone the ikwuano -ikot-ekpene road .

As at the time i made the first journey to Uyo via Umuahia federal road axes i had no knowledge as regard the bad condition of the road , prior to the journey there was a heavy storm the night before so the road was so bad that bus drivers , privates car owners ,people coming from lagos , abuja and other part of the country to Uyo Akwa -Ibom has to pass through a link road of about five(5) to seven(7) villages through Ndoru axes of  ikwuano to cut off the terrible portions of the road. It was a fun though because it was an opportunity for the youth of the villages to mount road blocks to demand #100 per vehicle before they are allowed to pass to the next road block, it continues to about 8 mounted road block so to pass through the villages you must spend up to #1000 and God help you if you do not give them the money you will not be allowed to pass.
Meanwhile , that was on my first journey to Uyo. On my second journey, i was contemplating of plying through Aba Axes  to Uyo , i was told the condition of the Aba axes is worse than the Ikwuano -ikot Ekpene axes , then i decided to obey heaven and wait for few days of no rain before i made my journeying  back to Uyo and unluckily the road was not dried up,but  because i was in a jeep, it was a bit easy to pass through the road but then i decided to record the condition of the road with my phone . click on the image above to watch the video . or click here
note: Due to the rocking and pot holes on the road the image is not all that clear but you can get the picture of what this write up is intended .

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