Adedayo Omolade Falusi sees charity as moral duty and finds personal gratification in helping those in need. The ECOWAS Youth ambassador, serial entrepreneur and social activist is famous for his philanthropic activities carried out by his FAO Foundation.

Adedayo Falusi believes that charity is one of the biggest blessings to humanity because it helps people in need, touches lives, and influences people to be better. Hence, he places his charity organization at the forefront of individual well-being to help bring out the best in people seeking inspiration and purpose in life.

Adedayo Falusi started his philanthropic activities as a Non-Profit Organization by providing equitable resources to the most vulnerable people in the society without expecting anything in return, and also ensuring that their human rights are not tampered with.

In 2019, Adedayo Falusi and his team of Non-Profit Organization realized that by working together they could overcome their challenges much more efficiently, this birthed the FAO FOUNDATION, which programs and activities are designed to center around helping community members reach their goals and fulfill their potentials.

When asked about his motivation for founding FAO Foundation at a social event in his hometown, the graduate of Babcock University and a trained accountant said, “Charities help us see the beauty in giving and helping others. It makes us realize how blessed we still are despite the things we do not have.

“Nonprofitable organizations and charitable institutions bring hope to people who struggled, suffered and unloved, and I want to be part of that world. I’m overjoyed to be part of those that provide relief and assistance to the less noticed population in different parts of the world.” Adedayo Falusi submitted.

Adedayo Falusi sees giving without prejudice as a noble gesture. He believes real generosity knows no race, colour or Creed. Currently, FAO Foundation primarily promote great opportunities for those women in need and highly vulnerable kids.

The Foundation focuses on supplying these women with access to the right resources to help them become independent and be able to care for their kids, have good shelter, feed well and gain the confidence to fulfil their potentials.

When asked by the Journalists why the FAO Foundation focuses on single and vulnerable mothers, and kids, Adedayo Falusi clarified, “I am driven by the desire to make a change, which largely is due to my selflessness which is a trait I inherited from my mother, and the zeal to invest in single mothers, vulnerable children and youths.”

Adedayo Falusi’s FAO Foundation for the past three years have fed women through Food Donation Drop-Off and have empowered widows, single mothers and Youths, even till today. One of such empowerment lies in the collaboration between FAO Foundation and Stellar Foundation, in January 2022.

During the vocational training, women were taught how to bake small chops, puff puff, doughnuts and meat pies and one of the women who emerged as the best learner was rewarded with a start-up kit that included a blender, digital scale, rolling pins and other baking amenities.

The FAO Foundation has taken a notch higher to facilitate progress of growing kids in information technology. Particularly kids that circumstances of life robbed from exposure to the right education. In Adedayo Falusi’s words, “Now, we want to digitally empower as many youths as we can through technology.”

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